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Iggy’s Singapore Asia’s Best Restaurant

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Iggy’s Singapore Asia’s Best Restaurant

Where is the best restaurant in Asia? Most of us will consider Hong Kong or Japan but in reality it is in Singapore. When there is no Michelin Guide in this part of the region, the other reliable guide is The Miele Guide and S Pellegrino The World’s 50 Best Restaurants guide. If you put these two guides together, you can easily spot a clear winner, Iggy’s from Singapore.

Voted as the Best Asia restaurant on The Miele Guide 2011/2012 Top 20 Best Restaurant and also ranked number 26 in S Pellegrino The World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2012, Iggy’s from Singapore is the top restaurant in Southeast Asia and in Asia.
iggy's logo
Located at The Hilton Hotel Orchard Road, Singapore you might wonder how much a meal cost for a restaurant with such a great reputation. For S$ 85++, you can have a selection of four course lunch at Iggy’s. Dinner starts at S$ 195++, lunch is a better option.
iggy's interior
The restaurant is a beauty. At door, you will be ushered to a small elegant intimate room. There are only a limited number of tables with many waiters and waitresses around waiting to serve you. You will find great services and PR at Iggy’s and dishes recommendations to suit your taste.
iggy's bread
Before the feast starts, you will be served with three types of breads accompany with butter and olive oil.
iggy's oyster
Gillardeau oyster with gazpacho, cavioroli, fine herbs

This is a gorgeous looking dish with a colourful presentation with edible flowers and herbs. The Gillardeau oysters are famous oysters produced by Gillardeau family in Western France. This is very refreshing.

iggy's foie gras
Foie Gras with white asparagu and  tanba bean

Foie Gras never tasted better than this. This is a perfect combination with white asparagus and tanba bean. The only question for this is can I have another plate?

We prefer the Foie Gras even though the Gillardeau oyster dish has its own identity and creativity.

iggy's ravioli
Ravioli with cheese, Hotaru ika and bamboo shoot

There is a slight twist in this pot of ravioli. This is cooked with cheese and delicious hotaru ika (squid). Not your ordinary pasta but the hotaru ika definitely added flavours to this pot of goodness.]

iggy's pasta
Cappellini with sakura ebi, konbu and shellfish oil

This is a beautifully cooked cappellini with a generous amount of sakura ebi, konbu and shellfish oil. Sakura ebi are the dried shrimps and it added texture to the paste.

We prefer the cappellini with sakura ebi, konbu and shellfish oil. This is simple and delicate.
iggy's pork belly
Pork Belly with gobo, yam and mikan

This is an interesting combination to say the least. Pork belly is cooked to perfect timing as the pork is soft and tender. Mikan brings a new attitude in flavour to this dish while the yam and gobo added the texture.


iggy's wagyu cheek

70 degree Celsius Wagyu Cheek with Pinot Noir and mustard

The beef is cooked to softness and the flavour of Pinot Noir and mustard didn’t massacre the original taste of the beef.

We prefer 70 defree Celsius Wagyu Cheek with Pinot Noir and mustard.

iggy's tomato
Tomato with strawberry and rosemary

This is power punch of strong flavours that took us by surprised. The tomato is filled with strawberry and taken with the vanilla ice cream.

iggy's teh tarik
Kaya & Teh Tarik with Brioche French toast and coconut pandan

This is the perfect ending of the lunch we dreamt of with this elegant dessert of Kaya & Teh Tarik with Brioche French toast and coconut pandan. There is a few variations of teh tarik in the form of foam, ice cream and the crepe while the home made coconut pandan added flavours to the Brioche French toast. This is a clever winner as I hope they have a spare for this.

We prefer the Kaya & Teh Tarik with Brioche French toast and coconut pandan. A very ordinary dish made stylish but never lacking its flavour.

Lunch meals are exclusive of drinks. Wines are recommended to pair some of the dishes and they have the right people to recommend the right wines for you.
iggy's chef akmal anuar
We had a caught up with their head chef Akmal Anuar in the kitchen. He is the genius behind the scenes with a dedicated group of chefs under his helm.

As the Asia’s Best Restaurant of 2012, we find comfort in their food and their services. Even though we have preference on our choices, the quality and the taste of the food at Iggy’s in general marks higher than most dining scenes in the region.

For more info on other exhibitions and attractions in Singapore, visit YourSingaporeLive. It is a cool portal where you can plan your trip in Singapore with heaps of information.

Opening hours:

Mon-Fri 12pm – 1.30pm (lunch);

Mon-Sat 7pm – 9.30pm (dinner).

Closed on Sundays and selected public holidays.

Iggy’s Address and Contact:

Iggy’s, Level 3, Hilton Singapore, 581 Orchard Road, Singapore 238883.

Tel: +65 6732 2234


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