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Capitol Satay Celup Bukit Cina Melaka

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Capitol Satay Celup Bukit Cina Melaka

Most of you all know that there are two famous satay celup restaurants in Melaka. One is Ban Lee Siang and another one is Capitol. However, there is another 3rd one, the Cathay Satay Celup but that was long gone many years ago. Recently, I heard they relocate to a new place and it’s called Kingtu Restaurant (it’s original name). Before I go and hunt down Kingtu Restaurant, let’s focus on Capitol Satay Celup.
capitol satay melaka
At Lorong Bukit Cina, you often spot a long queue outside a restaurant and that is Capitol. They open from 6pm daily except Tuesday and they have only one outlet, no branches and no franchise businesses.
capitol satay melaka interior
There are always this talk on which is the better satay celup restaurant? Capitol or Ban Lee Siang. While the locals and my father prefer Ban Lee Siang, I prefer Capitol.

satay celup peanut gravy
Unlike BLS, Capitol does not recycle their spicy peanut gravy. That is one of the key points I prefer Capitol and their gravy is thicker too.
satay celup ingredients

They have heaps of variety of ingredients and most of them looked fresh. No matter what you pick, you pay the same price. It is now RM 0.90 per stick. Gone are the days of RM 0.60 per stick.
capitol satay premium
There is something many people didn’t notice. When your table is full of used satay sticks, the owner will come and offer premium food at the same price. The premium food includes large size prawns, baby abalones and sliced abalones. He will put a few on your table and it’s up to you whether you want it or not.

The only thing I hate about Capitol is the long queue. Some might find it senseless to queue for satay celup but nowadays, everywhere else in Melaka is either packed or you have to bear with long queues too. The choice is always on your hand and if I want to dine at Capitol, I will make sure that I will be there early.

Capitol Satay Celup Restaurant Address, Contact and GPS:

41, Lorong Bukit Cina, 75100 Melaka

Opening Hours: Daily 6.00pm onwards, Mon closed

GPS Coordinates: 2.1953, 102.2523

Tel: 06-2835508

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