May 31, 2023

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Oysterbeds Restaurant Coffin Bay South Australia

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Oysterbeds Restaurant Coffin Bay South Australia

If you love fresh oysters, you will be in love with Port Lincoln. In Coffin Bay, it is the home to one of the biggest oyster farms in Australia.

Like the mussels, each and single oyster is inspected for its quality and size. The mussels are farm at quiet waters of Coffin Bay.

You can find oysters in every restaurant and market in Port Lincoln. One of the highly recommended restaurants for fresh oysters is the Oysterbeds Restaurant in Coffin Bay itself.

They just get the best oysters fresh from the oyster farm. They are just a stone throw away from the Coffin Bay jetty how convenience. Oysterbeds restaurant is a simple place. It has indoor and outdoor seating and I prefer sitting outdoor getting the chilly winds from the Coffin Bay.

The lunch started with the platter of Angasi oysters, the native Coffin Bay oysters. It is a mixture of natural oysters with Kampuchean and Mignonette oysters. I prefer the natural with a few drops of fresh lemon.

Of course you can beat the fresh oysters I had at the oyster farm of the sea but this is the best you can get out of the farm. It is juicy and you can have as many as you want to get the “iron” rush.

Other than oysters, Port Lincoln is also popular with the Southern Bluefin Tuna. It is one of the best Bluefin tuna in the world and it is conserved and protected through quota fishing in South Australia unlike some other places in the world. To enjoy the quality Bluefin tuna, you have to eat it the Japanese way, sashimi or raw. Just dip it onto the soy sauce with bits of wasabi roots and enjoy the freshness and the texture of it.

Deep fried salt and pepper prawns and Ocean Jacket was next. Ocean Jacket is related to leather jacket and it also nicknamed as Chinaman leatherjacket. I am not sure how that name comes by but ocean jacket is pricier than leatherjacket. Ocean jacket can be found only in Australia. Try it if this hits your curious bud.

Lastly, I had a Sicilian dish, the Tuna Stemperanata. Stemperata is a type of sauce made with capers, onion, tomatoes, garlic, sultanas and olives and originated from Italy. This is my first time having these and I must say, interesting flavours. Of course, the taste didn’t really overwhelm the goodness of the tuna.

The Oysterbeds in Coffin Bay combines relaxed coastal dining with an ever-changing menu and fabulous South Australian wines. With glass-fronted windows, enjoy the splendid panorama of Coffin Bay. If you are in Coffin Bay why not check out the Oysterbeds Restaurant?

Oysterbeds Restaurant Address and Contact:

61 Esplanade

Coffin Bay SA 5607

Tel: + 61 8 8685 4000

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