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Detian Waterfall Daxin China

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Detian Waterfall Daxin China

Some say it is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the China while some goes to the extent to the world. I have not been such an adventurous traveller but I travelled to Nanning to visit this waterfall.

While Air Asia opened a new flying route to Nanning capital of Guangxi late last year, I took the opportunity to visit this part of China given the early bird air ticket promotions.
detian waterfall world map
There is nothing much to do in Nanning but you can have the option to travel out of Nanning to places like Daxin and Bama. Detian waterfalls lies at the border of China and Vietnam and traveling from Nanning will take around four hours of driving.
guangxi scenery
During the journey, you will be mesmerised by the scenic beauty of Guangxi portraying a similar landscape of scenic Guilin. There are also a few attractions available near Detian, I will write about it later or update this post in near future.
detian map
As Detian waterfall becomes a popular attraction in recent years, the place has turned to a park. There is an entrance fee (like many other attractions in China) and optional add on things like bamboo raft ride.
detian waterfall landscape
The view of the Detian waterfall is breathtaking and the river acts the border of Vietnam and China. Vietnam is just across the river and there is also a waterfall by the name of Ban Gioc.

Traveling to this part of the world during winter is cold. You get a 10 – 15 degree Celsius kind of weather so getting a thick jacket will be a wise choice.
detian waterfall vietnam
(The waterfalls in Vietnam across the river)
detian waterfall long shuttle from riverside
While we hopped on the bamboo raft, come the cigarette sellers in small bamboo rafts from Vietnam side. As I was traveling with the locals, many of them impressed with low prices of Vietnamese cigarettes.
detian waterfall cigarette seller
You will get the hang of it as they kept pestering you even though I told them that I don’t smoke. Even though they kept trying but they didn’t steal my attention from the beautiful waterfall.

The view of the waterfall is speechless. While many waterfalls are popular with its height and width, Detian is otherwise. Detian is a multi-tier waterfall and it gets prettier during summer with more water flow as I was told.
detian waterfall long shuttle from raft
You will try to take the picture of the waterfall in as many angles as possible.
detian waterfall long shuttle from raft
I took it from the bamboo raft.
detian waterfall long shuttle close up
And I also took it from river side near the waterfall.

Not forgetting I took it from the top of the waterfall.
detian waterfall from top
And last but not least I took it from far at pathway near the exit of the park.

The things you can do at Detian Waterfall are to find all the border stones and the border market near the top of the waterfall.
detian waterfall couple shot
Even though the visit took an hour or two, I didn’t regret visiting the waterfall. Most of the tours to Detian is a 2 days 1 night trip and you will be staying at the border town of Shoulong. Lastly, if you are planning to visit Nanning, you can join the local tour to visit Detian Waterfall. If you plan to book it from Malaysia, please email me at placesandfoods@gmail for tour packages available. Thank you.


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