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Kansai International Airport, Osaka, Japan -World’s Most Beautiful Airport

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Kansai International Airport, Osaka, Japan -World’s Most Beautiful Airport

I still remember watching History Channel’s Mega Structures and amazed by Kansai International Airport, the world’s largest airport on a man-made island two miles off the coast of Osaka.
kansai international airport overview
It is built 1994 and designed by architect Renzo Piano and it is a single, sunlight filled tube with a supersize airplane fuselage that stretches more than a mile. Creating the man-made airport is not an easy task and it takes more than a genius mind to maintain the airport.
kansai international airport nikko hotel

(Nikko Kansai Hotel)
The airport often referred as a city.
kansai international airport lights
The size of the airport is similar to the size of the country Monaco. Imagine that size and that capacity. It was my dream to visit the airport and I fulfilled my dream last year.
kansai international airport interior
To recognize its beauty, It is voted as the World’s Most Beautiful Airport by TravelandLeisure website and how could you argue that?
kansai international airport figure


(One of the exhibits in the airport)
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kansai international airport tourism malaysia ad


(Tourism Malaysia advertisement in the airport)

kansai international airport air asiaX



(Spotted my friend Tiffany here in Kansai Airport)


Kansai International Airport 2

(Sorry for the grainy picture, it was very hazy. This is the aerial shot of Kansai International Airport)
There are many things to do in Kansai International Airport but sadly we didn’t manage time for that. Hence, we were too taken away by the cities of Kansai, Osaka, Nara and Kyoto. We will hope to venture it one day.


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