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Famous Muar Jalan Haji Abu Oyster Omelette

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Famous Muar Jalan Haji Abu Oyster Omelette

It has been years since I travelled to Muar. With the record breaking of highest API (Air Pollution Index) of 750 in Muar last week, I travelled down to this famous town of Johor for the search of local good food and checking out the haze condition. However, the town is now longer clouded with haze as the wind started to change directions to North. Since I’m not familiar with Muar and to know the best food in Muar, I brought along my friend who is a local; born, bred and proud of it.
muar oyster omelette stall
For those who are familiar with Muar Town, the best street food is located at Jalan Haji Abu. You can find all sort of street food but my focus is the infamous oyster omelette.
muar oyster omelette cooking
Back in the old days, people queue for this oyster omelette. Due to the development of Muar, there are lesser locals who travelled down town for food so the stall is now open during day time instead of night time.

With prices starting from RM 8 to RM 15, I enjoyed the cooking process of the oyster omelette. You can instantly tell that the oyster omelette with the generous amount of ingredients such as oysters. Unlike the Kuala Lumpur’s version, the Muar’s version of oyster omelette is softer in texture and similar to the famous ones in Melaka.
muar oyster omelette
If you are looking for a good oyster omelette in Muar, remember to drop by at Jalan Haji Abu.

Famous Muar Jalan Haji Abu Oyster Omelette Address:

Jalan Haji Abu, Muar

GPS: 2.047072, 102.568508


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    1. SW – u so bad, u make me drool!!!

      Cyn – one weekend we take a drive to BP via Muar n makan makan. Stay at my house ok? we eat otak otak, orr chean, kueh chap, chai dau kueh, mee kari, fishball yong peng etc etc DROOL yet? oh ya.. southern style food ya 😉

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