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Man of Steel Review

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Man of Steel Review

I watched Man of Steel for the second time yesterday before I decided to write this post. I have read many criticism of this movie by many movie critics. While the reviews are still below 60% in Rotten Tomatoes, it broke the June’s box office record. Why?

While we were pampered by many other Superman movies in the past, there were only one clear winner actor, Christopher Reeves and the rest falls flat. However, Man of Steel is different than all the Superman movies you watched and you adored.
man of steel
Written by Christopher Nolan, the most notable success of the Batman series, Man of Steel follows the same path. In fact, there are many untold stories in Man of Steel.

Many stereotype viewers expect the same old Superman, save the world like the predecessor movies. That’s why the recent few Superman movies fell flat because there was no originality. However, Man of Steel offers a new perspective of Superman. I believe the critics find it to swallow when Superman is portray as an alien rather than a human superhero.

man of steel krpton

Man of Steel offers the story before Superman and the landscape of Krypton. While many Superman movies portray a very planet Earth hero, Man of Steel story telling backtrack to the origin and how it began.

There are too many flashbacks but that is part of the storytelling and the relationship with Lois Lane is starting to build. It is similar to Batman: Dark Knight when you get to see Batman at the end of the movie. Definitely, Man of Steel is created for trilogy possibility. The visual effects are compelling and this is the only movie that explains in detail the origin of Superman and the real reason of the destruction of Krypton. Better still, watch it on 3D!

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  1. I prefer Dark Knight than this… this new superman movie is just too destructive. Didn’t bother killing countless human by breaking buildings but almost cried when zod trying to laser a family… what is that?

  2. Spoiler alert:

    one thing that unsettled me was the ending

    i do not beleive it is possible for a soldier, born and bred for combat, hand to hand and usage of his full skills would lose to the son of a scientist that grows up as a farmhand in a world made out of what, to him, is the consistency of cotton candy.

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