February 6, 2023

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MOS Burger in Terminal 21 Bangkok

It is hard to believe my eyes when I spotted my favourite burger chain in Bangkok. Dubbed as the McDonald’s of Japan, MOS burger offers a healthier choice of burgers than the usual fast food chain restaurants.

In the mid 90s, MOS Burger entered the Malaysian food scene with the most visible outlet in KLCC. However, due to unknown reason, they closed down all their outlets years later. Let’s not speculate what happened okay.

So back in Bangkok, while I was in Terminal 21, I spotted MOS Burger at the lower ground floor near the supermarket. It was not a hard decision to eat and the menu surprised me.

MOS Burger in Bangkok actually sells pork burger and you can’t even get that in Singapore. On top of their infamous rice burgers and Japanese style meats, they actually localized some of the burgers.

For example they have Ginger Pork burger, Bacon Pork Cheese burger and a few more to name the least.

The Pork Cutlet burger looks tempting and delicious on the menu. Luckily, the real burger looks identical with the one in the menu. The crispy pork cutlet patty with heaps of sliced lettuce with soft buns and it cost 93 Baht. Set you have to top up more.

The Bacon Pork Cheese Burger Set was undeniable the must order food in MOS Burger. For those who know that Thailand is a pork exporter and they are popular with its pork meat industry. Usually, I will burger a couple of kilos of pork sausages and pork bacons back from my Thailand trips. It was hard to resist the bacon pork cheese burger because it is simply delectable. The set comes with fries and soft drinks and it was 159 Baht.

Fast food in Thailand is slightly more expensive than Malaysia and MOS Burger consider the cheaper version of its competitor. I’m glad to find MOS Burger in Terminal 21, more stories on this amazing shopping centre coming soon!


MOS Burger in Terminal 21 Bangkok Address:

Level LG, Terminal 21,

Sukhumvit Road, Watthana, S

ukhumvit, Bangkok, Bangkok, 10110

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