February 7, 2023

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Andermel Marron Farm and Marron Café Review Kangaroo Island

When something looks similar to lobster is put on plate or in a buffet in Malaysia, they tend to call it “mini-lobster”. For that word lobster, restaurants can charge higher price but what are those actually? Some are often crayfish mistaken as mini-lobsters. It is also known as crawfish and in Australia, they have yabbies and in Kangaroo Island I found Marron, a distance family of crayfish.

Marron farming is popular in Kangaroo Island and I had the chance to taste the marrons at the Andermel Marron Farm and Marron Café for the first time. Many wonder what to eat in Kangaroo Island and to be frank Marron is the top choice while Kangaroo meat is my least.

So how does a Marron looks like? For that question, I ventured to their marron farm. I went to the holding tanks where the owner explains the marron farming in details. There I got to witness the various sizes of marrons.

It is my first time seeing a live marron. Hence, I’ve not seen any live yabbies too even though I often travel in Australia. I’ve definitely seen enough of marrons so it’s time to taste them and the best place is at the Marron Café located adjacent to the farm.

If you want have the café with a great view of Kangaroo Island’s plain, Marron Café is the one. It is fully air-conditioned and they have friendly staffs.

I ordered the Poachers Platter (serves two). The platter has the whole shebang.

It consists of the oven baked marron, freshly poached and chilled marron, scallops, tiger prawn skewers, garden salad, fresh fruit, warm herbed garlic olive oil pita bread and a trio of the Two Wheeler Creek Sauces; Savoury Chilli and Kangaroo Island Honey sauce, Lemon Myrtle Tartar Sauce and Creamy Seafood Dressing.

If you read the whole list, you know it is the best thing to order in the menu. The marrons were absolutely amazing delicious, they were so fresh! That’s the best thing about dining in Australia in general, fresh seafood!

To end the lunch with a high note, I ordered the hot chocolate instead of the usual coffee. I am just a sucker for great hot chocolate and Marron Café’s version was not too bad.

Andermel Marron Farm and Marron Café is one of the highlights of Kangaroo Island. You definitely need to put them high on your itinerary for those scrumptious marrons. Look out for more of my South Australia adventure.

Kangaroo Island is located in South Australia and you can fly to Kangaroo Island from Adelaide. The best way to fly to Adelaide from Malaysia is to fly direct to Adelaide from Kuala Lumpur with Malaysia Airlines.

For more info, visit http://my.southaustralia.com

This is a sponsored post by Tourism of South Australia.

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Andermel Marron Farm and Marron Address, Map and Contact:

804 Harriet Rd Kangaroo Island SA 5223, Australia
Tel: +61 8 8559 4128

Website: http://www.andermel.com.au/

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