March 22, 2023

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Kangaroo Island Seal Bay Conservation Park Review

If you are in South Australia, you need to plan for a 2D 1N tour to Kangaroo Island. It is a one of Australia’s great natural wonders, as well as one of its best, and most surprising, tourism destinations.  It’s a wildlife sanctuary without fences, where visitors can see Australian animals in their natural habitat.

One of the highlights of Kangaroo Island is the Seal Bay Conservation Park. At Seal Bay Conservation Park, the island’s most popular attraction, you will join a guided tour to see the endangered Australian Sea-lions in their natural environment of coastal vegetation, dunes and beach.

Wander along the 800-metre boardwalk which meanders through the limestone cliffs and dunes to viewing platforms where you can observe the sea-lions surfing the waves or sunning themselves on the beach as you enjoy the stunning coastal scenery.

There will be a ranger from the Seal Bay Conservation Park to bring the visitors for the tour. They will make sure that you keep a distance away from the seals.

There are quite a number of them on the beach. You don’t even need to bring a binocular as most of them are just a few metres away from you.

There are a few dozens of them. It is up close and personal and always remember, you can observe but no contact and interactions.

If you are into photography, I’m sure you will be clicking your cameras non-stop on these cute seals. Most of them spotted sleeping while a few were busy playing or swimming.


Two baby seals playing with each other.



Another sleeping bunch.


You can spend at least half an hour or more depending on how long you want to stay. Most of the Kangaroo Island tours include seal sightings at Seal Bay Conservation Park or you can ask them to include it in the itinerary. I recommend everyone to stay at least one night in Kangaroo Island, two nights will be bonus.

Kangaroo Island is located in South Australia and you can fly to Kangaroo Island from Adelaide. The best way to fly to Adelaide from Malaysia is to fly direct to Adelaide from Kuala Lumpur with Malaysia Airlines.

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Kangaroo Island Seal Bay Conservation Park Contact:

Seal Bay SA 5223  Australia
+61 8 8553 4460


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