July 21, 2024


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Kopi at Hong Bing Coffee Café Miri

It is hard to believe that no one actually blogged about this café. I’m there are a plenty of bloggers in Miri but none actually writes about this place? I’m talking about this restaurant by the name of Hong Bing Coffee Café in Miri.
hong bing coffee cafe
The café is a typical old Malaysian restaurant with low ceiling at Jalan Bendahara. It is just a stone throw away from the famous Miri Fish Market. After visiting the fish market, I was wandering around the street before I smell the fragrant aroma of coffee.
hong bing coffee cafe kopi
I wasn’t joking, the aroma was really strong and I asked around and I learnt it came from Hong Bing Coffee Café. I had a pretty full breakfast but it simply hard to resist in tasting their kopi (coffee).
hong bing coffee cafe kopi o
I ordered two hot kopi and I took a sip before I mixed the coffee. It was good, a typical Malaysian old school coffee. It didn’t regret me for taking a break and having a cuppa of kopi. On top of their kopi, they have good food too so if you are wandering around the area, you could end up in the coffee house like I did. Sadly I forgot to take down the number of the restaurant but it is just beside the fish market at Jalan Bendahara.

Hong Bing Coffee Café Address:

Jalan Bendahara, Miri


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