October 26, 2021

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The Best Pisang Goreng and Kuih Bakul in Kuala Lumpur at Brickfields

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The Best Pisang Goreng and Kuih Bakul in Kuala Lumpur at Brickfields

Where is the best pisang goreng (banana fritters) and kuih bakul (fried “nian gou” sandwich) in Kuala Lumpur? The answer is simple, the infamous stall opposite YMCA in Brickfields.
chiam pisang goreng stall
Rachel told me that she has been patronising this stall since she was young. The stall has been there more than 20 years and the owner is Mr. Chiam with his son. At their stall they sell pisang goreng, kuih bakul, sesame balls and curry puffs. Curry puff is priced at RM 1.40 per piece while the rest are at RM 1.20 per piece.
chiam curry puffs
You can spot their stall with long queues at most times. Customers come and go with at least half a dozen of pisang goreng, kuih bakul, sesame balls or curry puffs.
chiam cooking oil
Many stalls out there are using recycle cooking oil or dirty cooking oil. However at Chiam’s stall, I can see clean bottle cooking oils. In fact you can tell it from the frying pan. There is a big difference in recycle and new cooking oil; hygiene, healthiness and cost. Changing the pot of cooking oil is not cheap!
chiam frying pan
They only use king bananas (pisang raja) from Pahang. That’s why their bananas are at least twice the size of the common bananas. On top of their extra large sizes, they also use ripe bananas while others often use “green” bananas. The end product is beautiful batter-coated pisang goreng that you will crave for more.
chiam pisang goreng in hot pot
For the kuih bakul, it is a fried “nian gou” sandwich that is also as good as its pisang goreng. It is a combination of “nian gou”, sweet potato and yam, coated with batter and deep fried to perfection. It is a Chinese delicacy but a darling for most Malaysians.
chiam pisang goreng
To save time for long queues, you can Mr. Chiam directly to order at 0126172511. The food is not certified HALAL but it is Pork Free.


Mr.Chiam Pisang Goreng Stall Address and GPS:

Opposite YMCA

Brickfields, KL

Business hours: 12.30pm – 6pm

Tel: 012-617 2511

GPS: 3.7 60, 101.41 21


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