February 2, 2023

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Pacific Rim Review: Robot vs Kaiju

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Pacific Rim Review: Robot vs Kaiju

It is a dream comes true. Guillermo del Toro weaves his magic wands again and this time, it will send many manga, robots, mechas and kaiju (monsters) lovers to dreamland. Pacific Rim is a work of passion and a work of his dream.

Del Toro is no stranger for his magical work. Hellboy and Labyrinth send moviegoers to a new fantasy land with his brilliant ideas and works on creatures. In Pacific Rim, he created a new range of Jaegers (robots) and kaijus (monsters) that is influenced by Japanese movies and mangas, not adapted.

I’m going to give a summary of the movie so spoiler ahead.

The movie starts with a narration with the history of kaijus and how it comes to mother Earth through a bridge in Pacific Rim. The humans then created the Jaegers to fight with the kaijus. However, kaijus are evolved to be bigger and they also getting better. Hence, Jaegers started to lose ground and they decided to end the Jaegers program.

Kaijus are not punching bags and they have skills and weapons on their own. You have to watch it to believe it!

With the last few Jaegers, they decided to end the war imminently with a plan. However, when the scientists managed to read the brain of the kaijus, their game plan changed and they finally understand the real purpose of the kaijus. You have to watch it to find out more on the movie.

The battle between the robots and kaijus are the best ever created. They are so realistic. Some of the city battles remind me of Ultraman. Of course, this is 10 times better than the usual Ultraman battle. Can you imagine if Del Toro is going to have Ultraman movie? That will be so sick.

Go watch the movie yourself and I hope to hear some feedback too. Only if Del Toro directed Transformers, it will bring the robots to a whole new level.

Don’t forget about the secret ending or else you need to purchase the ticket to watch again!


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