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Mornington Peninsula Hot Springs, Onsen in Victoria

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Mornington Peninsula Hot Springs, Onsen in Victoria

If you are a big fan of onsen (hot spring in Japanese) and you are in the beautiful state of Victoria, you should visit this place. When I was traveling in Victoria as part of the media tour arranged by Tourism Victoria sometime ago, I was introduced to Peninsula Hot Spring. The hot spring is located in the beautiful area of Mornington Peninsula and it is the only hot spring I visited while traveling in most of the states in Australia.

mornington peninsula hot spring building reflection
Mornington Peninsula is a beautiful place and it is only a few hours drive from the capital city of Melbourne. What’s interesting is why hot spring in Mornington Peninsula?
mornington peninsula hot spring entrance

The idea started with the discovery of the natural hot spring minerals found deep undergraound Mornington Peninsula. The 50ºC water is rich in healing minerals are similar to the onsens in Japan.  This health beneficial minerals are now flowing to the thermal pools in Peninsula Hot Springs. This is not just normal hot springs but it is good for our body too!


mornington peninsula hot spring waterfall

The Peninsula Hot Spring is huge and you will be surprised how beautiful the design and landscape of this place. Like the historic and famous spa centres of Europe, the Americas and New Zealand, the natural hot springs on the Mornington Peninsula bring the blissful and healthy pleasure of “taking the waters” to the people.

mornington peninsula hot spring shower area

Shower area in Peninsula Hot Spring.
mornington peninsula hot spring in the jungle

Within Peninsula Hot Spring, there are two main sections; the public hot spring pools and the private pools. You can choose either but for privacy I prefer the private pools.

mornington peninsula hot spring privacy

Please bear in mind that photography and videography in Peninsula Hot Springs are strictly prohibited except photos of your own group only. Please check with front counter for more information.
peninsula private hot spring


As recommended, I booked the private pool for 45 minutes. The private pools are located on a specific area in Peninsula Hot Springs. It is quiet and it is like a little private space with fences, a private hot spring pool, benches and cold water. Towels are given too.

peninsula hot spring wilson ng

For first timer to onsen or hot springs, do not dip in the hot spring more than 15 minutes. You might get dehydrated. So do multiple dips and remember you can go up to the bench to take a break and drink as much water as you can to rehydrate.

If you do a long dip, you might get too exhausted and for some, you might get fainted. Multiple dips and lots of rehydration is the best to enjoy hot spings and onsens.
mornington peninsula hot spring indoor pool

After the hot spring session, I went back to the complex for shower and if you walk around, the place is really beautiful. I forgot to mention there are indoor hot springs too for public.
mornington peninsula hot spring waiting area
This is really an outstanding place. I spoke to the manager and he told me that he did research on most hot springs in Asia including Malaysia. Peninsula Hot Spring is built with passion and love.

mornington peninsula hot spring sofa
The facilities there are clean and outstanding. The service staffs are well trained and they have amazing people working there. If you are in Melbourne or Victoria, you should go to Mornington Peninsula and pay Peninsula Hot Springs a visit. You can also stay in Peninsula Hot Spring as they do offer special packages for short stays, check out their website at


Peninsula Hot Springs Address and Contact:

140 Devonport Drive

Fingal VIC 3939

Tel: (03) 5950 8777

Fax: (03) 5950 8705



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