June 6, 2023

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Halal Food in Asiatique Bangkok

There is a reason why I enjoy travel to Bangkok almost every year. They have new attractions almost annually. In my recent trip to Bangkok, I went to Asiatique, one of their latest attractions.

It is located beside the Chao Phraya river and to go there, you can either go via taxi or tuk tuk or hop on the free river cruise. Asiatique Bangkok is a new shopping, food and beverages and entertainment centre converted from warehouses!

I’m not going to write long on Asiatique and I will go straight to the point. Is there any Halal Food in Asiatique? The answer is yes. After scouting the area for a few hours, I found one Halal food and please do inform me if you find others. I’m sure there are also pork free outlets in Asiatique but unsure which is the exact one.

The one I found is Champion Kebab kiosk with Halal logo and it is operated by a Middle Eastern look-alike man. They are selling chicken and beef kebab and Turkish ice cream.

I ordered the chicken kebab for 60 baht. It is similar to the ones in Malaysia, slices of chicken kebab, vegetables and topped with mayo and chilli sauce. However this one fares better.

After enjoying the chicken kebab, you can straight away burn the calories away by visiting the boutiques or you can try to sit on the beautiful ferris wheel. Hence, you can enjoy a cuppa of coffee in many cafes available in Asiatique. Asiatique Bangkok opens daily from 4pm.

Website: http://www.thaiasiatique.com



4 thoughts on “Halal Food in Asiatique Bangkok

  1. I found another halal food here in asiatique.. Siam India Restaurant.. located @ T13, Warehouse 6 Food circus.. next to Ma Hi Thai Food Restaurant..

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