February 21, 2024


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Ban Phe Rayong Food Market

At the South East of Bangkok, there is a town by name of Rayong. It is not popular with tourists but one of the favourite places among the locals. Rayong is popular because of one island, Koh Samet. It is one of the best honeymoon islands in the country.
rayong map
While traveling in Rayong, I’ve discovered new places and one of them is the Ban Phe Rayong Food Market. It is not the common wet market or the shopping market you might have been in other parts of Thailand.
Ban Phe Rayong Food Market
Ban Phe Rayong Food Market is a food market. If you love Thai local tidbits, this is “the place” you should stop by if you are in Rayong. I have attached the map below or simply tell the tuk tuk drivers Ban Phe Rayong Food Market, they should know the place.
Ban Phe Rayong Food Market tidbits
Dried chips sold in bulk. It’s a wholesale food market and you see the food in massive plastic bags. Rest assured this are freshly made and it is very hygienic.

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Due to its ideal location near the Gulf of Thailand, they have many dried seafood available. Dried fishes and cuttlefishes are everywhere in the market. It is fresher to get the dried seafood here as I was told by the guide.
Ban Phe Rayong Food Market windchimes
Lastly, if you are looking for souvenirs, they have different types of handicrafts made from seashells. Seashell wind chimes are beautiful souvenirs that are affordable and beautifully done. At Ban Phe Rayong Food Market, prices are reasonable and you get your shopping bag ready for the food and the souvenirs!

Ban Phe Rayong Food Market Map:

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