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Fountain of Wealth Suntec Singapore

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Fountain of Wealth Suntec Singapore

Have you ever wonder what attraction is FREE in Singapore? There is one and it is located in the middle of Singapore largest malls, it is the Fountain of Wealth near Suntec City.
fountain of wealth singapore
Listed in 1998 as the largest fountain in the world by Guinness Book of Records, the Fountain of Wealth had renovations for almost a year before it is completed recently in June. The fountain’s design is unique with a ring at the top of the fountain and supported by four pillars. I’m sure there is a meaning of such design in feng shui.
fountain of wealth suntec
If you are planning to ride your luck in Resort World Sentosa or Marina Bay Sands casinos, you might want to pay the Fountain of Wealth a visit to get some luck. You don’t call it the fountain of wealth for nothing right?

Things you need to do for good things from the fountain

  • Stretch out your right hand and touch the water
  • Make a silent wish
  • Follow the directional sign ß (at the bottom of the fountain)
  • Walk around three times

fountain of wealth christmas lights

After you completed the requirement, you will be blessed with good things from the Fountain of Wealth if you are superstitious enough. Otherwise, just enjoy the breeze from the fountain or snap some pictures with the gigantic fountain.  The fountain will be lighted up with colourful lights during Christmas season.

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