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Max’s Restaurant at Red Hill Estate Mornington Peninsula

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Max’s Restaurant at Red Hill Estate Mornington Peninsula


There are plenty to see and eat when you self drive in Mornington Peninsula. In Red Hill Estate, there is one popular restaurant by the name of Max’s Restaurant.
max's restaurant red hill estate
Red Hill Estate is a 50 acre cool climate property located on one of the most elevated areas of the Mornington Peninsula, and has fantastic Western Port Bay. Twenty-four acres are under vines, featuring mostly Pinot Noir (five clones) and Chardonnay.
max's restaurant victoria best restaurant
Max’s Restaurant has won many accolades and awards. One of them is the Best Restaurant in Victoria by American Express. If you dine at award winning restaurant like Max’s Restaurant, you will be rest assured that the service and the food is a class above.
max's restaurant decor
Before the food was served, you will be entertained by the beautiful property and the view of the Red Hill Estate. Comfort is the right word to describe the experience.
max's restaurant bread with olive oil
I don’t usually talk about breads with olive oil but this was beautiful.
max's restaurant red hill estate pinot noir
If you are in Red Hill Estate, it will be rude if you don’t order their wines. I had  Red Hill Estate Pinot Noir and it is one of the popular wines in Mornington Peninsula.


max's restaurant potato gnocchi
Lunch started with Gnocchi. It is their homemade potato gnocchi in a semi dried tomato, summer pea and saffron broth. It was colourful and yet scrumptious.

max's restaurant pork

I had Pork. Pork with succulent baked Tuscan porchetta, bacon, rolled with garlic and rosemary accompanied by roasted kipfler potatoes and crispy prosciutto. It was mouthful like the descriptions. The taste was pleasant and the taste was well balanced.

max's restaurant chicken
I also had the Chicken. It was free range chicken breast stuffed with a sage and chive farce on a bed of caponata with a tarragon cream sauce. I thought I read it wrong when I read free range chicken (kampung chicken). This was a beautifully crafted dish.

max's restaurant Zabaglione

Zabaglione was my first dessert. Zabaglione is an Italian dessert and this was colourful to eyes and to the taste palates as well. Gorgeous!

max's restaurant cheese platter

Lastly, if you don’t order a cheese platter you will regret it later. The beauty of traveling in Australia is you get to taste different types of cheese produced in different areas of the state. Don’t be surprised when boutique cheese makers in Victoria are scoring big locally and internationally!

max's restaurant red hill estate wine tasting

If you are planning to get a few more bottles of Red Hill Estate wines, head on to their tasting section. I’m sure you will find a few wines that suit your taste.
max's restaurant coffee
Overall, I enjoyed my lunch at Max’s Restaurant at Red Hill Estate Morning Peninsula. The services, food, décor, ambience and even the pricing come together as a great dining experience. I will come back again one day!

Max’s Restaurant Red Hill Estate Opening Hours:

Daily noon ~ 5pm

Fri & Sat ~ 6.30pm til late

Max’s Restaurant Red Hill Estate Address and Contact:

53 Red Hill-Shoreham Road

Red Hill South VIC 3937

Tel: (03) 5989 2838

Fax: (03) 5989 2855


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