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Rainbow Seafood Lamma Island

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Rainbow Seafood Lamma Island

On my recent trip to Hong Kong, I travelled to Lamma Island for seafood. There are a few destinations for seafood in Hong Kong; they are Sai Kung, Lamma Island and Tai Oh Island. Out of the three destinations, I only visited Lamma Island and there is a reason for more trips to Hong Kong in the future.
hong kong central pier
There are two jetties on Lamma Island, Yung Shue Wan and Sok Kwu Wan. I went to the latter from Central Pier 4. The ferry ride took me around an hour to reach Yung Shue Wan.
hong kong lamma island
At Sok Kwu Wan, there are seafood restaurants along the coastline. You just have to choose your, I choose Rainbow Seafood restaurant.
rainbow lamma island
Rainbow Seafood restaurant is one of the few who provides free ferry transfer for its customers to Central, TST(Tsim Sha Tsui) and Aberdeen Public Pier. They are also one of the better looking restaurants in Sok Kwu Wan.
Rainbow lamma island fried squilla
The first dish for dinner was Deep Fried Squilla with salt and pepper. What is Squilla? Squilla is commonly available in Malaysia with a different name, Mantis Prawn. Instead of deep frying the whole thing, only the mantis prawn meat is cooked in Malaysia in various styles and most popularly “kong po”. The deep fried squilla though was just simple and nice. I still can taste the freshness and tenderness of it even though it was deep fried. Salt and pepper for seasoning was simply enough to preserve the original taste of the squilla.
Rainbow lamma island stir fried brocolli with scallop
Next, the Fried Scallops with Brocolli. It was a simple vegetable dish and those scallops were fresh and lovely.
rainbow lamma island steamed prawns
Steamed Prawns with Garlic. It was recommended by them and even though the sizes of the prawns were not that impressive. This was another dish that highlights the freshness of the seafood. Unlike in Malaysia, we prefer to have seafood with overwhelming sauce.
Rainbow lamma island seafood congee
Instead of having white rice, we ordered the seafood congee. Like some parts of China, the seafood congee was cooked with sweet corn. There was never a kingdom of seafood inside the congee but the taste is definitely different from the congee in South East Asia.
rainbow lamma island baked scallop with cheese
Lastly, I ordered the Baked Scallops with Cheese. If you are a scallop lover, you will enjoy the scallops they have on Lamma Island. They were beautiful. There was nothing fancy in Baked Scallops with cheese but just simply loved them.

The total bill came to HK$972, a “standard seafood price” on Lamma Island. The most important of all was fresh seafood and the great experience traveling all the way to Lamma Island for seafood. After dinner, we took the free ferry shuttle back to Central Pier 9. It was an enjoyable ride as the sea water was not too choppy. I don’t mind going to Lamma Island again or maybe to Lantau or Tai Oh Island on my next trip to Hong Kong.


Rainbow Seafood Restaurant Address and Contact:

23-25 First St., Sok Kwu Wan, Lamma Island, HK

Tel: 2982-8100 2982-8100 Fax: 2982-8319

E-mail : [email protected] feel free to call 2982-8100 or fax to 2982-8319 for any inquiry.


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