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The Biggest Avenue in the World, 9 de Julio Avenue

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The Biggest Avenue in the World, 9 de Julio Avenue

This is the biggest avenue in the world and it is located in the city of Buenos Aires Argentina. 9 de Julio Avenue is hard to be missed if travelled in Buenos Aires.
9 de Julio Avenue in buenos aires
9 de Julio Avenue is to honour’s Argentina’s Independence Day on July 9, 1816. Three more years, Argentina will be 200 years old. The fact that 9 de Julio Avenue is so big because the avenue runs est. 1 km to the west of Rio de la Plata waterfront, from Retiro destrict in the north to Constitucion station in the south.
9 de Julio Avenue Obelisco de Buenos Aires

How do you know you are in 9 de Julio Avenue?

The most notable structure is the Obelisk, the Obelisco de Buenos Aires. The Obelisco de Buenos Aires was built in 1936 and it stood majestic in the Plaza de la República, in the intersection of avenues Corrientes and 9 de Julio, it was built to commemorate the fourth centenary of the first foundation of the city.
9 de Julio Avenue buenos aires
It is hard to capture the whole avenue in a picture but you can take the Obelisco de Buenos Aires at the landmark of the avenue. Like I mentioned earlier, you won’t missed the 9 de Julio Avenue and Obelisco de Buenos Aires if you traveling in the city.

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