December 7, 2023


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The Conjuring Review

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The Conjuring Review

There are only a few good horror movies in the past decade. It is countable and Insidious is one of them. Even though Thai Horror The Shutter remains one of my favourites, The Conjuring will add to my favourite list.

Director by the King of Horror, James Wan, The Conjuring surprised everyone taking a healthy box office last weekend ahead of many big movies. Indeed, the movie itself will be a talking point once you watched it.
Unknown to many, director James Wan was born in Sarawak before growing in Australia. He made a name himself with movie The Saw and he is recruited to direct Fast and Furious 7 by Vin Diesel.

The Conjuring is a true story and that is one of the reasons why moviegoers are curious about this movie. The movie started with Ed and Lorraine Warren investigating various paranormal activities. It was good characters built up before moving on with Perron family.

Next, the Perron family came into picture. They bought an old beautiful house via bank auction and they moved in. Horror starts with the death of their dog and then the usual knocks and squealing  sounds in the house.

When the mother starting to get bruises around her body, one by one her family members are starting to get attacked by unknown being and when it ran out of control, they seek help from the Warrens.
The Warrens are paranormal seekers and they are not exorcists. That’s why when the Warrens starting to investigate the paranormal activities at the Perrons, they were helpless.

While they were trying to get help and approval from the Vatican for the exorcism but before even they had the approval, the unknown starting to hunt for Warren’s family member.

To make it more interesting, a Perron’s family member was possessed and things were getting out of hands. When the truth prevails, things get uglier but did the Warrens manage to save the Perron’s family? You have to embrace yourself to watch the movie!

If you think you watch too much horror on the trailers, there are more to it! Prepare for a horror and terror fest with The Conjuring, a blardy good five star horror movie of some time!


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