February 6, 2023

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The Justice League Review and Spoilers

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The Justice League Review and Spoilers

We watched the Justice League yesterday morning with our press friends and we had to sign NDA not to disclose the movie up to now. We know there are tons of rumours about the Justice League so we separated this post to two pages. First page is non-spoiler and second page is spoiler, the button is below.

We all know who is in the Justice League from all the trailers. The Justice League is formed by Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Cyborg and Aquaman. There are rumours of additional members introduced in the movie, the answer is yes and read the spoiler on the 2nd page if you want to know more.

Let me do a summary from the movie which is similar to what you have seen on the trailers.

The movie started off with events going on without Superman. There are aliens appearing in Gotham and Batman starting to recruit the other meta-humans.

Themyscira (the place Wonder Woman comes from) is attacked by aliens (as from the movie trailer).

Batman and Wonder Woman recruit the meta-humans as the main villain reveals himself.

Overall the movie is quite good, the pace is okay and there are short introduction of all the meta-humans. We believe the main reason for this is for their individual movies after this movie.

This movie is not complicated as Batman vs Superman and there are jokes in between. It is not as dark as Batman vs Superman. There are more fight scenes in the Justice League too.

Overall, we enjoyed the movie and it is huge improvement from Batman vs Superman in our opinion. As usual, there are some slow moments in the movie but it is manageable.

Just remember there are two end credits for this movie. The 2nd movie end credit is more important, so wait till the end.

Click Page 2 below for spoilers.

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