February 6, 2023

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AirAsiaX is Flying to Maldives!

Things are getting more excited with AirAsiaX. Some time ago, they announced that they will be flying to Adelaide and now they are going to fly to Male, Maldives!

Nothing official has been announced but reservations can be made on AirAsia.com now! I didn’t believe it either when my friend told me AirAsiaX is flying to Maldives so I went online and checked it and yes, you can book it now!

The inaugural flight will be on September 28th and return flights only cost RM 812 inclusive of tax! This is good news for young couples, old couples like me and honeymooners! Hence, hotels in Maldives will be also delighted with more tourist arrival from Malaysia and vice versa. Now, everyone not just can fly but go honeymoon in Maldives!

Are you flying to Maldives soon? Visit Airasia.com for more info.

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