February 5, 2023

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Macau Bird’s Nest Egg Tarts at San Hou Lei

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Macau Bird’s Nest Egg Tarts at San Hou Lei

Long queues never lie. That’s how I stumble upon San Hou Lei in Macau in Rua do Cunha. Rua do Cunha or better known as Cunha Street is a popular tourist hot spot in Macau. Some of famous food in Rua do Cunha includes food like water crab rice congee, durian ice cream and Tai Lei Koi Kei pork burger.

There is typical Macanese food like pork burger at San Hou Lei but their superstar is their egg tarts. To be precise, their bird’s nest egg tarts. While still having hangover with my bird’s nest egg tarts disappointment in Hong Kong, I’m glad I didn’t get the dejavu at San Hou Lei.

Freshly baked from oven, their fillings of the bird’s nest egg tarts are lighter in colour and you can see traces of bird’s nest texture on the surface.

If you getting too many of the Portuguese egg tarts and the usual egg tarts, you try these beautiful tarts. Priced at HKD 11 each, this is definitely the best bird’s nest egg tarts so far. While the crust is crispy, the filling is soft in texture and I enjoyed the taste of the fillings. You might get hints of the bird’s nest in the taste but it is very faint.

I didn’t have the luxury of time to taste the other food in their menu but their bird’s nest egg tarts are simply irresistible. If you are in the area of Rua do Cunha, take a pit stop at San Hou Lei, you won’t be disappointed with their signature egg tarts.

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San Hou Lei Café Address and Contact:

13-14 Rua do Cunha


Tel: (853)28827373


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