December 7, 2023


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Samsung Galaxy Mega Review

While many guessing what type of phones I’m using right now, the answer is Samsung Galaxy Mega. I have a few phones on my hand now; the list includes iPhone5, Samsung S4 and Samsung Galaxy Mega. The reason I chose the latter due to its large size, usability and ultra-long battery life.
samsung mega
The 6.3” inch screen size is one of the selling points for Samsung Galaxy Mega or Mega in short. It is a double edge sword as even size matters; portability could be an issue especially for ladies. However, I find it useful for a large size person like me.

Hardware seems to be the talking point of smart phones nowadays. Thus, on paper Mega is only dual core running on Android OS 4.2, the performance of Mega is so far impressive. I dare to say, it is as fast as Samsung Galaxy S4 given the experience of using both phones.
samsung mega s4 comparison


(Samsung Galaxy Mega vs Samsung Galaxy S4)
Camera performance might not be as good as Galaxy S4 but it is still good enough. 8 Megapixels is strong enough for websites or blogs. I have capture this picture using auto mode and the result is promising.
peel road yoong char siew
With internal System Memory of 1.5 GB, 8 GB internal storage, Mega never lags at all. After months of using the camera which includes instant updates via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, lagging is not a term in Mega’s dictionary. Thus, the resolution of Mega though is inferior compare to Samsung S4.

Lastly, with the capability to extend memory with MicroSD and also able to use the bandwidth LTE (4G), Mega seems to be perfect choice for me. I have slotted in a 32GB Class 10 Micro SD card onto Mega and the battery life can operates until at the end of the day. Other smart phones might require an external battery power pack, Mega’s never runs out of energy. Something that I dislike is it is hard to use the phone during driving (we shouldn’t anyways) and camwhoring with the phone will requires an extremely high fingers skills.


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  1. I don’t like it much. the screen is too big. the performance is just like that of an average. It’s like a small tablet with phone call functions.

  2. I think its screen may be a little big but great. There may be a little inconvenient for you, but I like it. I’ve been using a few products of Samsung and Galaxy Mega cause I like the best!

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