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Swim with Tuna, Port Lincoln

Two decades ago, I got my first taste of tuna fish thanks to fast food A&W Restaurants which they were promoting tuna burger. Back then, Malaysia was not as develop to what it is now. After getting in love with tuna, my family started to get canned tunas in selected supermarkets in the city. While time passed by, I get to taste raw tuna as sashimi and also tuna sushi by Sushi King. My encounter with tuna fish didn’t stop there. Recently, instead of devouring them, I got to swim with them but not in Malaysia. It was in a beautiful town of Port Lincoln in South Australia.
port lincoln aerial view

(Port Lincoln aerial view)
Port Lincoln is fishing town approximately an hour flight from Adelaide. On top of getting one of the best seafood in Australia, Port Lincoln is also popular with a few activities such as Swim with Tuna and also Shark Cage Diving with the Great Whites. While my budget didn’t permit the latter, I stick with the tuna. They are lesser nastier and more delicious.
lincoln cove bungalows

(Beautiful Lincoln Cove)
For your information, Port Lincoln is the only place you can Swim with Tuna and currently only one tour operator is running the show (the only one in the world!). The whole experience will take a few hours and you will definitely enjoy it.
swim with tuna catamaran

(Swim with Tuna luxury Catamaran)
After you booked with them, you have to depart from Lincoln Cove. This is the place for the rich and famous. Resort a-like bungalow houses are built around the cove with their own yachts and boats. The cove is also used by some of the local fishermen. They have a luxury catamaran that departs 10 am at the cove.
swim with tuna pontoon

(Swim with Tuna pontoon)
After five minute of luxury catamaran ride, you will reach the Swim with Tuna Pontoon. They will brief you on tips and safety issues on the catamaran ride for the pontoon. You can always get information or assists with their staffs either on the catamaran or pontoon.
swim with tuna platform

(On the wetsuit with snorkels)
For those who wanted to swim with tuna, you have to slip onto a wetsuit, snorkel, gloves and fins. If you can’t swim, don’t worry as the wet suit will keep you floating. Even though I’m a certified PADI Open Waters Diver, I can’t really swim but their wet suit is really safe.
swim with tuna feeding time

(Tuna feeding time)
You can feed or swim with the tuna. It is one of the fastest fish in the world, the Blue Fin Tuna! They are quite big in sizes but don’t worry they don’t bite. They are fish lovers not humans.
swim with tuna touch pond

(Touch pond)
At the middle of the pontoon, they have a touch pond full of little ocean critters. It is similar to the usual touch ponds in Oceanariums.
swim with tuna observation deck

(Underwater observatory)
If you are not feeling well and if you don’t wish to swim or get wet, you can head on to their underwater observatory. At the observatory, you have the best view on the pontoon and checking out the blue fin tuna and other fishes too!
swim with tuna lunch

(Divers Deli cooking for lunch)
If you are hungry, The Divers Deli is always a hit, with an Aussie sausage sizzle and refreshments. Check with your tour operators for this. Some tours are included with food on board.
swim with blue fin tuna

(Blue Fin Tuna)
After you are getting done with all the activities, there are bath rooms for you to take a quick shower and change. All the staffs on board are exceptionally friendly, the Aussie way.
swim with tuna picture
I enjoyed swimming with blue fin tuna. I fed them and a few of them almost snatched my fingers (I’m joking). Swimming with blue fin tuna is extremely safe and fun. You must try it as this is the one and only place to do it in the world. Book with them online and arrange the transportation to Lincoln Cove too. Details is as below.


Swim With Tuna Port Lincoln Address:


Box 2058

Port Lincoln, South Australia 5606


3/10 S Quay Blvd

Port Lincoln SA 5606, Australia

+61 8 8682 6010

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