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Youmiqi Cuisine Old Klang Road

Fancy dining Shunde cuisine in Kuala Lumpur? There is one restaurant in Old Klang Road just opened three months ago offering Shunde cuisine. The name is Youmiqi Cuisine.
youmiqi old klang road
Shunde is a district in Foshan, Guangdong. It is also popular with its unique cuisine (slightly different from the common Guangdong cuisine). I had my first Shunde cuisine earlier this year at Fung Shing Restaurant in Hong Kong. It was different than the usual Chinese cuisine I had.

I was not going to put a comparison with Youmiqi even though both restaurants offering the same Shunde cuisine. Youmiqi Cuisine is ideally located at Old Kland Road, near Mid Valley and opposite Saville Residences. It is a bungalow by the main road.
youmiqi private room
With its growing popularity, you need to book your tables at Youmiqi or else you will be disappointed. Yesterday, I saw a few walk in guests left as it was fully booked.
youmiqi appetizers
I had a private room and for appetizer, they served chicken feet and cucumbers. Please bear in mind, the appetizers were not free. The chicken feet priced at RM 7 per plate and cucumber at RM 6 per plate. I don’t fancy chicken feet but this was good. It has a faint Chinese herbal scent but the taste was well balanced. The texture was soft, never had a yummy chicken feet for a long time.
youmiqi Steamed Vermicelli Roll
I ordered the Steamed Vermicelli Roll (RM 10) or Chee Cheong Fun. The taste was slightly different than the usual ones, this was decent.
youmiqi braised chicken
Braised Chicken Half (RM 38). First impression of this, unique broth and the chicken was cooked perfectly. The meat was tender and it went well with the broth. This went well with rice and kids should love this.
youmiqi seng kuah with siew yuk
Seng Kuah with Fried Roast Pork (Siew Yuk) priced at RM 42. This was definitely overpriced. The portion was not that great and only with a handful of fried roast pork. The taste was pretty good though but for RM 42?
youmiqi steamed meat balls
Steamed Meat Balls with Preserved Vegetables (RM 38). This was homemade meat balls steamed with preserved vegetables. Two words. Nothing spectacular.
youmiqi fried fish cakes
Pan Fried Fish Cake (RM 50). I would prefer to order the pan fried lotus root but my mom preferred this. I loved the taste and texture but again nothing spectacular.
youmiqi fried fish mouth lips
Pan Fried Fish Mouths / Lips (RM 60). Okay, if you are fish head lovers, you might love this as I never enjoy eating fish mouths or fish lips. The sizes of them were impressive but I find it too oily even though they are natural Omega 3.
youmiqi seafood steamboat
The star of the night is the Hotpot of Seafood. Locally, we called it seafood steamboat (RM 373.90). There were no fixed prices for this as you have to order what type of seafood to be cooked together. The list of the seafood and ingredients in the hotpot yesterday; Patin Fish (1.1kg) RM 71.50, Mud Crab (1.4kg) RM 196, Tiger Prawns (0.6kg) RM 52.80, White Clam Mactra / Lala (0.8kg) RM 25.60, Dry Beancurd Skin RM 13 and Superior Soup (RM 15).
youmiqi hotpot seafood
Despite the high price, I enjoyed having this. This is definitely better than “poon choy” even though they are different in many aspects. Everything in the pot was cooked perfectly. I loved the freshness of the patin fish, tiger prawns and the mud crabs. The broth was juicy and amazing. If you planning to dine at Youmiqi Cuisine, this is the dish to order.
youmiqi seafood
Overall, the service and the food were amazing. Their style of Shunde food was definitely different with the one I had in Hong Kong. We paid close to RM 800 for the dinner I had without any alcohol or liquors. It was a great dining experience to be honest but it will burn a hole in your wallet.

(All pictures are taken with Samsung Galaxy Mega)

Youmiqi Cuisine Address, Map, GPS and Contact:

57, Batu 3,

Jalan Klang Lama, Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: 03-7980-0855

GPS: 101.6782062, 3.112953

Email: [email protected]


Youmiqi Cuisine Opening Hours:

11 am to 3pm

6 pm to 11pm

(They offer valet parking)

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