October 2, 2023


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Ansari Famous Cendol in Taiping

There is always lots of rain in Taiping. It is the wettest town in Malaysia. It is so unpredictable until the local folks will bet whether it will rain in the afternoon in random days. To make things interesting, sometimes the rain only lasted for minutes. This is Taiping, one of the most beautiful towns in Perak.

I wrote about Bukit Larut or Maxwell Hill recently. It is another quiet, peaceful and beautiful hill resort in Malaysia.

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ansari famous cendol
Taiping is also famous its food. They might not be as popular as Ipoh but Taiping has its own secrets. One of them is the famous Ansari Cendol.
ansari cendol
This is definitely not one of those roadside stalls cendol you expecting. They make their old green jellies and you definitely find lots of love in the bowl of cendol. This is one of the best cendol in the country, I dare to say.
ansari taiping bowl of cendol
Ansari also sells pasembor but I will leave that for another day. Hence, if you are in Taiping for a holiday or even for a pit stop, head to Ansari for some kick ass cendol.

Ansari Cendol Address:

Jalan Chung Thye Phin, Taiping, Perak

GPS: N 04.85296, E 100.72880

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  1. heh, am typing this comment on a rainy afternoon in KL (it’s drizzling outside the window of my cubicle), so it feels like taiping weather 😀 your photo of the cendol is gorgeous! am gonna keep this place in mind if i’m ever back in taiping (only been there a couple of times, when i was much younger) 😀

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