March 24, 2023

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Bukit Larut (Maxwell Hill) Pictures

Many have forgotten this beautiful hill. For the older generation, it is known as Maxwell Hill but later renamed as Bukit Larut. Maxwell Hill is a hill resort located 10 km from Taiping, Perak. It overlooks the beautiful Taiping Lake and also the royal town of Kuala Kangsar.

The hill is founded in 1884, it is the oldest hill resort in Malaysia and it is approx. 1250m above sea level. Maxwell also receives the highest rainfall in Malaysia as it is located in the wettest part of the country, Taiping.

(The hill itself is a beauty)
Maxwell Hill was named after someone by the name of William George Maxwell. He was the British Assistant Resident in Perak.

(You can hardly tell this is in Malaysia)
The beauty of Maxwell Hill is it is not as developed as other hill resorts such as Cameron Highlands or Fraser Hills. It retains a colonial atmosphere with its English bungalows and gardens.

(New development in Maxwell Hill)
However a few years ago, I spotted a few new developments that ruin the landscape of Maxwell Hill. A few bungalow houses are built near the coffee house.


(A beautiful lookout tower)

(However, without maintenance, this lookout tower is the verge of collapsing)
Thus, to my surprise many facilities and buildings on Maxwell Hill are deteriorating. It is a sign of no maintenance to the buildings and structures. It is such a pity.

(Foothill of Maxwell Hill)
To visit Maxwell Hill, you must access with government owned Land Rovers. You can pay a small fee at the foothill where the Land Rovers will become shuttle services to the top of hill. Most of the locals prefer to walk up the hill.

(The Land Rover)
Maxwell Hill remains pristine and unharmed except for the few new structures. I spotted a snake near the coffee house before and you will definitely enjoy the soothing temperature of 10 – 20 degree Celsius throughout the year. There are quite a number of bungalows available for rental but I prefer to stay in Taiping town.


(Another beautiful view of Maxwell Hill, one of the most underrated hills in Malaysia)


(Look at the beautiful roof of the Maxwell Hill’s coffee shop.)


(Even though there is a few small developments on the hill, most of the greens are still untouched)

(A beautiful bench painted by nature)
Plan your trip to Maxwell Hill. Bring your food and have a picnic up there. The weather and temperature is cooling. Remember to bring water and drinks as there is only one coffee shop up there. Do not overeat when you sit on the Land Rovers, there are over 100 turns in between the foot and top of the hill. Enjoy yourself on Maxwell Hill or Larut Hill.


4 thoughts on “Bukit Larut (Maxwell Hill) Pictures

  1. Wow, one of the most significant attractions (used to be) in my hometown is featured here:) I agree, many has forgotten this hill, most people will rather be coming here for hiking instead of really enjoy the hilltop magnificent view over the taiping town. If you are planning for a trip to taiping, dont forget to visit this place:)

    Simon Lee

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