February 1, 2023

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DFC Dainty Fried Chicken in Bama, China

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DFC Dainty Fried Chicken in Bama, China

You heard so many stories of copycat in China. Well, this is another one you should know. When we were traveling in Bama (in the province of Guangxi), China this year, we found another well recognised restaurant. It is DFC and not KFC even though the logo does resemblance KFC.

What is DFC? It stands for Dainty Fried Chicken and I was told that they have more than 30 outlets in Guangxi by the staffs there.

It really makes curious about the taste of this DFC so I went there for supper. When I thought the surprise was over, they were having a special dish called the “Malaysian Style Chicken”. As stated it is only available for a limited time, “Malaysian style chicken!”

I ordered their usual fried chicken and the “Malaysian style chicken”. Their fried chicken is surprising good. I won’t do a comparison but it was worth a try.

The “Malaysian style chicken” is actually grilled chicken marinated with turmeric. So the Malaysian flavour is the turmeric. It tastes good actually.

If you think DFC is cheap, they are not. In fact their prices are slightly lower compare to the American food chains. It is a trend. Chinese based franchise is cheaper than the American franchise. Or should I say it is a norm. One thing good about DFC, they give you thin layered plastic gloves so you won’t get messy with your hands.

I couldn’t get the exact location of this restaurant as Google Map didn’t show any street name of this place. DFC is just located opposite Bama public square. You can find the locals exercising and dancing during night time.

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