March 23, 2023

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2 min read Australia Order Takeaway and Food Delivery Online

Have you ever wondered what to eat when you are traveling or staying in Australia? Sometimes you just want to have a lazy meal in the hotel, or aren’t sure what good food is around.

When you’ve had a long day traveling and you’re sick of room service food, you often wonder where and what to order. It’s happened to me numerous times and I have walked out to look for restaurants or convenience stores. Well, fast food is always an option, but it will be my last resort.

Here’s where EatNow saved the day.  I stumbled across them searching for restaurants online and found over 2000 restaurants at my fingertips.  If you haven’t used them before, EatNow connects hungry customer (like me) and restaurants.  You can choose delivery or pickup, and they let you pay by cash, card or paypal.

Just punch in your postcode or suburb and they’ll show you all the options at your doorstep. All the restaurants have ratings so you can see what others have said before you order.  How easy is that? They will deliver the food to your doorsteps! Now, you don’t have to worry what to eat and where to eat!

There are plenty of specials and discounts too, like getting 20% off your order, or 5th order free, depending on the restaurant.  So if you’re stuck for what to eat, check out EatNow, and slay your hunger cravings.

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  1. Online food Delivery & takeaway Australia, from 1000s of restaurants Find special delicious & spice food, Pay order online get delivery and takeaway with 10% off.

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