February 22, 2024


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MyKuali White Curry Noodle

If there is an Instant Noodle that is selling like hot cakes in Asia, it could only be MyKuali’s White Curry Noodle. MyKuali­­ is a local Penang brand from Malaysia and they are making names for themselves with their first product on consumer shelves.

It hits a few local shelves a few months ago as the company focus on exporting the noodles. However, it makes its raves with good reviews from both local and international newspapers, blogs and websites. To make things interesting only Penang carries the most of its noodles while Kuala Lumpur is limited to SOGO (as rumoured).
mykuali penang white curry instant noodles
If you head on their Facebook page, hundreds have been asking for stock and where to buy them.

Like other “kiasu” Malaysians, I get my hand on this local made instant noodle thanks to friends and colleagues who offer to share their lot with me. Trust me as you can even buy it now in Penang. My friends in Penang told it is sold out!

So then I receive the pack of MyKuali White Curry Noodle as precious as gold.
mykuali penang white curry instant noodles packing
There are three packs of ingredients within the pack. The seasoning, the creamer and the curry paste. I’ve never seen such a thick curry paste. The noodle is thicker and it looks more 20-30% more.

After a few minutes of cooking and mixing with all the ingredients, the noodle is ready. The soup is thick with curry sauce and it is packed with spices and flavours. The noodles texture is thicker than usual too.
mykuali penang white curry noodle
The overall taste? The soup is thick and it is spicy. Thus, it is hard to believe there are so much flavours and goodness in a pack of instant noodle. The soup is thick and spicy and the noodles texture is similar to ramen.

If you are the instant noodle junkies who are pampered by the usual brands, prepare to embrace yourself for this. This is definitely better than the ones on the shelves. That’s why they are selling hot cakes everywhere even outside of Malaysia.

This is not a paid review, a sponsored pack of instant noodle from my colleague. If you are proud of being a Malaysian and wants to have your hands on this local sensation instant noodle, visit their Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/mykuali

About MyKuali (extracted from their Facebook Page)

Sky Thomas Food Industries Sdn Bhd (Sky Resources Group Companies) is a food manufacturing company holding MyKuali (House Brand).

MyKuali is centered on using traditional natural ingredients and spices with perfect blend and proportion to achieve taste that captures taste buds. We have wide selection of authentic Asian cooking pastes with excellent quality and value. Each MyKuali flavor has its distinct tastes with different ingredients and spices.

Our high-tech machineries are able to produce seasonings in the liquid and powder form. We have in-house R&D team to develop new products to cater to the fast moving trend of the food and beverages industry.

Sky Thomas Food Industries Sdn Bhd also produces economy pack to supply to a large base of local clientele. The company supplies to restaurants, hotels, caterers, cafes and snack bars.


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  1. I like the chili paste and broth! but i don’t quite like the noodles, somehow they don’t match, but i’ll just add in my own bee hoon for good 😀

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