July 6, 2022

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Starbucks Gion Kyoto

What are the best and ideal souvenirs to get in Gion Kyoto Japan? There are plenty for sure but for Starbucks fans, you know you will be getting the Starbucks Kyoto’s own mugs, glasses and tumblers.

We travelled to Gion Shijo Kyoto from Osaka city via Keihan Railway using the Kansai Thru Pass. You can visit Kiyomizudera Temple (清水寺) and Yasaka Shrine.

kyoto gion maiko geisha group walking picture

If you are lucky enough, you might bump to Maiko and Geisha in Gion City. However, please do not obstruct them or stop them for pictures as it is wrong to do so.

starbucks gion kyoto

At the main road of Gion City, you can easily spot Starbucks located at the ground level of Kyoto Gion Hotel.

starbucks gion kyoto japan

It is one of the tourist hot spots for a cup of coffee and also the place to buy souvenirs such as mugs, glasses and tumblers. We bought a few as well as part of our souvenirs from Japan.

starbucks gion kyoto tumbler 2012

Kyoto is a beautiful city and we will come back again one day for sure.

Starbucks Gion Kyoto Address, Location and Telephone:


Kyoto Higashiyama-ku 555 Gionmachi-Minamigawa

Kyoto Gion Hotel

Tel: 075-551-2198

Business Hours:   08:00~22:00

Website: http://www.starbucks.co.jp/

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