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House of Dancing Water Macau Review

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House of Dancing Water Macau Review

If there is a world class production that is so big and exclusive, it should be the “House of Dancing Water”. It is the world’s largest and most spectacular water based show that is worth a staggering US$ 250 million / HK$2 Billion / RM 800 million and it is exclusive to Macau.

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the house of dancing waters stage

(The stage will turn to one of the most spectacular shows in the world)
It is located in City of Dreams at the brand new Cotai Strip and next to Hard Rock Hotel Macau. It is so packed as you have to book in advance. Most of the shows are full even a few years have passed.

What to see?

It is personally created and directed by the world’s greatest show maker Mr. Franco Dragone, this is his first water-based show launched in Asia. Up to date, there are over 1 MILLION spectators have experienced Mr. Franco Dragone’s unique theatrical creations, captivating audiences through a unique combination of disciplines sensitively orchestrated to produce one of the world’s most spectacular shows.
the house of dancing waters chinese man misty

(A ship is erected from the platform in seconds!)
Performed by a superb cast of approximately 80 international performance artists artistically trained by Mr. Franco Dragone’s talented Associate Director Mr. Giuliano Peparini and approximately 160 world-class production staff, technicians and professional divers from more than 25 countries around the world.

Why is it so special?

The Dancing Water Theater is a 270-degree theater-in-the-round, with a central stage at a diameter of approximately 65 feet. “The House of Dancing Water” features approximately 239 automated fountains and 11 hydraulic ten-ton elevators making it possible to convert from an aquatic to solid floor stage.
the house of dancing waters raining chinese man

(From misty, it suddenly rains. The crowd looks surprised)
The purpose-built theater contains one of the most spectacular commercial pools in the world, holding up to approximately 3.7 million gallons (approximately 17 million liters of water) of water which is about FIVE Olympic-sized swimming pools, and is one of the largest water-based theaters in the world.
the house of dancing waters sinking rain

(Actors jumping into the pool while the Chinese structure slowly sinks.)
”The House of Dancing Water” incorporates dazzling costuming, amazing audio and visual special effects, and is staged in Dancing Water Theater designed by international well-known designer Mr. Sandi Pei from world renowned Pei Partnership with the help of  Dragone’s Scenic Designer Mr. Michel Crête.
the house of dancing waters ship erected

(There are many world class casts perform at their best.)
The cast will utilize some 400 costumes over the course of the show, which are designed by Ms.Suzy Benzinger who previously worked with Franco Dragone on the musical Carmen, and designed costumes for shows such as Movin’ Out (in collaboration with Twyla Tharp and Billy Joel), Saturday Night Fever, Ain’t Broadway Grand, Some Like It Hot with Tony Curtis, and Miss Saigon. Suzy also worked on the Woody Allen films Deconstructing Harry and Celebrity.  Her other film work includes Club Paradise and Walking the dog.

My opinion about the show?

Well, after all the facts, is it really worth to watch it? The answer is yes!
The story is a breathtaking  water-based show which draws creative inspiration from Chinese culture particularly on the ‘seven emotions’ principle derived from the classical Confucian beliefs. The story is unpredictable and you won’t have time to relax your eyes.

the house of dancing waters girl with evil guy

(The hero trying to save the girl he loves)


I will not go further details on the show but you won’t be spared by the spectacular performance, breath-taking scenes and near perfect scores. You just have to see it to believe it. It is one of those shows that worth every penny. In fact, this show should be made as the “national treasure” of Macau!
the house of dancing waters hanging actors

Actors hanging on the mid air. The colours and costumes are world class.

the house of dancing waters biker


Why is there a biker on stage? You have to watch it to understand it.

the house of dancing waters lady by the lake

Snipplets of the show (video)


water dancing show girl solo with backdrop


Look at that amazing set behind her.

water dancing show solo girl dancing

The leading lady of the show.

the house of dancing waters stage finale

The grand finale with all the casts. What a show!


Remember to book early to avoid disappointments and do not sit at the lower deck, you might get wet! Psst., they said you can’t video record the show but you still can do it with your smartphone or camera secretly, enjoy the show!

The House of Dancing Water is located at the City of Dreams, Cotai Strip Macau.

Get the tickets online at discounted price with www.klook.com.

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Thank you Macau Tourism Organization for the sponsor and Air Asia for flying me to Macau.


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  1. awesome photos wei! Last time when I went to Macau on solo trip, they didn’t have this show yet. >.<
    Next round I would like to go watch this.

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