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Esprit, Levi’s and Quiksilver Outlets in Kuala Lumpur

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Esprit, Levi’s and Quiksilver Outlets in Kuala Lumpur

Update 9/2017: All the outlets have been closed

Some of you might know this place but the rest have no clue that there are Esprit, Levi’s and Quiksilver Outlets in Kuala Lumpur. It is not located in a special factory outlet but a shopping mall in Cheras. They are in Cheras Leisure Mall, the oldest and busiest shopping mall in Cheras.

Esprit Outlet

1F Cheras Leisure Mall Shopping Mall

The Esprit Outlet makes its first mark at former Queens Park in Cheras many years ago. (Queens Park is demolished and developed to be Sunway Velocity now). The latest outlet is in Cheras Leisure Mall.

I have been to a few Esprit outlets in Asia and Australia. To be frank, the prices at Esprit Outlet here are very reasonable. They are comparable with the outlets in other countries.

In fact, I still recall that the former Esprit Outlet in Queens Park was pricier. They have T-Shirts priced at RM 19.90 and above. No other brands mention as what kind of T-shirts you can get for RM 19.90?

The outlet is sectioned properly for kids, male and female clothing. The staffs are helpful and most important of all, most of the prices are reasonable. It reflects the true meaning of outlet. From what I heard, most of the stocks here are imported from Hong Kong. Thus, these are end of season stocks from Hong Kong. They have a luxury of choices in variety and sizes too.


Levi’s Outlet

1F Cheras Leisure Mall Shopping Mall

The Levi’s Outlet is also located on the first floor of Cheras Leisure Mall. As expected, you can find Dockers in this outlet too. They sell casual wear and jeans for men, women and children.

The outlet might not be as huge as the Esprit Outlet but they have quite a few designs and cuttings for you to search. Thus, they are also selling out of season stock and common sizes are quite to find though.

I’ve just came back from a Levi’s end of season sale in Singapore a few months ago and the prices are comparable. Hence, some of the prices at the outlet are cheaper too!

For instance, I found a lovely red 501 jeans and it is only RM 169! It probably cost more if you get it from their retail stores. Even some of the apparels are recommendable. Finding this Levi’s Outlet is a real life saver as they have my sizes. Please bear in mind, the prices vary from time to time. This outlet is worth a visit.


Quiksilver Outlet

1F Cheras Leisure Mall Shopping Mall

I’m surprised to see this Quiksilver Outlet here. Like Esprit, they were also in Queens Park many years ago. The outlet is also located on the first floor and three outlets are located in the same area.

The Quiksiler Outlet offers brands like Quiksilver and Roxy. They offer casual and swim wear and there are also apparels for kids as well.

They have a wide selection for T-Shirts as well as apparels such as sandals.

I visited some of their outlets in Asia namely Hong Kong at CityGate. The prices there are dirt cheap. However, at this outlet I’m disappointed with their prices. Even though they are discounted but they are relatively higher than the other outlets in other countries. However, you are a big fan of this brand, you will enjoy shopping in this outlet.


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  1. Thank you for a highly intersting topic. Can you tell me if the Esprit outlet is still there, as some sites did mark it as closed?

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