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Wei Kee Hong Kong Famous Sham Tseng Roast Goose in Medan Imbi

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Wei Kee Hong Kong Famous Sham Tseng Roast Goose in Medan Imbi

Many years ago I did a short review on Wei Kee’s roast duck in Pudu four years ago. I think you have laugh how my reviews were back then. Thus, I went to Hong Kong and tried they famous goose at Sham Tseng. However instead of Wei Kee, I went to Fu Kee and you can read my review at Fu Kee Roast Goose 傅記飯店  Sham Tseng Hong Kong.
wei kee imbi
I drove past Wei Kee whenever I go to Imbi and my curiousity grows. Hence, I decided to go over for lunch with a friend to try out their famous Sham Tseng roast goose.

I went there early before the crowd slowly fill in the restaurant. I was greeted with smiley faces and this is one of the better restaurants in term of service. Of course, roast goose is not something cheap to eat and it is quite sinful too. I had a two and half hour badminton session a day earlier before I go for roast goose for lunch.
wei kee imbi roast goose
I ordered a quarter of bird of goose. The quarter with the drumstick is RM 45 per quarter and the top quarter is RM 43 per quarter.

The roast goose comes with plates of sweet sauce and chilli sauce. Hence, as expected the roast goose comes with crispy skin and tender meat. The big difference between goose and duck is the texture of the meat. Goose is softer and tastier.
wei kee imbi roast goose drumstick
In conclusion, the roast goose is as almost good as the ones in Sham Tseng. However, you can have it here instead of Hong Kong. I enjoy my lunch at Wei Kee but finding a parking space could be a hassle. This is not an advertorial or sponsored post, I paid this on my own.

Wei Kee in Medan Imbi Address, Contact and GPS:

10, Medan Imbi, Jalan Imbi, Bukit Bintang Klang Valley 55100

Tel: +603-2144 6363, +6012 311 7218

GPS: 3.1445307 , 101.7147631

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