June 5, 2023

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Fu Kee Roast Goose 傅記飯店 Sham Tseng Hong Kong

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Fu Kee Roast Goose 傅記飯店  Sham Tseng Hong Kong

If you are planning to find some good food, then you should miss their infamous roast goose. The place to find these roast goose is no other than Sam Tseng (near the airport). This is not a hidden gem or a secret place, the whole world knows about this place.

The most famous roast goose restaurant in Sham Tseng is Yue Kee. However as a rebel as usual, I went to a different restaurant as recommended by my local friend. The restaurant is called Fu Kee Roast Goose 傅記飯店  and it is located at 58-60 Sham Tseng Tsuen Road, just a stone throw away from Yue Kee.

Nothing seems impressive from the outlook of the restaurant. Nothing fancy, there is an air conditioner area and there is outdoor area. My friends and I chose the latter.

Before the main course, we ordered their signature sweet sauce pork ribs. Loved the generosity of the portion of the ribs and the taste was spot on.

Toufu with roasted pork belly was next. Like the first, loved the generosity of the portion and even though taste was good but nothing more than that.

The main event was the roast goose. There were five of us and we ordered only half bird of the roast goose. Like we heard and we read, the roast goose was delicious. The skin was crispy but the meat was slightly on the fat side. However after checking with our local friend, most of the roast goose in Sham Tseng is similar to what we were having.

Even though we opted for lesser popular restaurant, Fu Kee didn’t disappoint us at all. The price was reasonable (standard Hong Kong pricing) and we enjoyed the food there. Lastly, my mission achieved and I finally tried Sham Tseng famous roast goose!

Fu Kee Roast Goose 傅記飯店  Sham Tseng Hong Kong Address, Tel and Contact:

58-60 Sham Tseng Tsuen Road

Sham Tseng Hong Kong

Tel: 2491-9832



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