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Hong Kong Imperial Patisserie Lava Mooncake

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Hong Kong Imperial Patisserie Lava Mooncake

This is something cool and interesting to share. Have you heard of Lava Mooncake? Apparently, it is very popular in Hong Kong. This year, we manage to try the popular Hong Kong Imperial Patisserie Lava Mooncake.


The Grand Gold Award from Monde Selection

Monde Selection, is one of the world most authoritative and representative food awards since 1961. Every year, more than 80 experts gather to evaluate and have a tasting of the food products from all over the world.

In 2019, Imperial Patisserie’s Lava Mooncake was awarded the Grand Gold in Monde Selection. This was a historic achievement as it was the first time a mooncake had ever won this honour and we are also honoured to receive this recognition for a fifth consecutive year.



The Lava Mooncake involves a high level of craftsmanship. If the lava is too thin, it will be absorbed by other fillings. If it is too thick, it will condense and affect the lava flowing effect. With over a hundred times of testing, the two Master Chefs have successfully created the best lava effect under room temperature.

Lava mooncakes have undergone hundreds of repeated research and improvement, so that they have the Lava effect even under room temperature and we have created an array of different colors and flavors.

  • Fancy Series

Mooncake boxes can be chic and fashionable. The elongated gift box in celadon green, sky blue and romantic pink colours, featuring lotus and crane pattern symbolizing union with the family, is your perfect gift choice for the discerning few.

  • Classic Series

A fusion of tradition and modern design which revolutionize the traditional mooncake tin box design. The unique champagne gold and amber orange colours, completed with exquisite paper art, are elegant and presentable.



All collection is 100% made in Hong Kong and our assurance of quality has sealed our achievement of ISO 22000:2018, HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) and GMP (Good manufacturing practice) certifications.

Also, they have obtained the Halal certification, which verifies that our products meet the Halal standard and do not contain pork, lard, or any of their processed ingredients. They have undergone strict approval and supervision by relevant certification agencies to ensure that our food ingredients, production processes, packaging, and storage meet the required specifications, food quality and hygiene standards.


Hong Kong Imperial Patisserie Lava Mooncake Review

The Hong Kong Imperial Patisserie Lava Mooncake comes with beautiful boxes and it is the small size mooncakes.

When we cut the mooncake, you can see how the lava from the middle of the mooncake. This is pretty cool as we only tasted lava bun at dim sum restaurant.


The big question is how they can create that lava texture with mooncake. By the way, the mooncake taste really good with that savoury lava paste!

Want to try the Hong Kong Imperial Patisserie Lava Mooncake?

Currently they are offering Hong Kong Imperial Patisserie Lava Mooncake in Malaysia at the following locations:

1. Pavilion Bukit Jalil
From 08 Sep to 1 Oct 2023

2. Penang Gurney Plaza
From 07 Sep to 28 Sep 2023

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