December 6, 2023


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Venicia Restaurant Jalan Ipoh

Looking for good food around Jalan Ipoh? Time to check out this hidden gem restaurant located at Jalan Ipoh Sri Utara. Venicia Restaurant offers pork free Chinese cuisine for the 27 years!

Venicia Restaurant jalan ipoh

They were located at Casa Venicia, Bukit Idaman for over two decades and moved to the current location since last year. Venicia Restaurant is now located at 35, Jalan Seri Utara 1, Off, Jalan Ipoh, Sri Utara and they are very popular in the neighbourhood and often packed with their loyal customers.

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We got to know this restaurant from a friend and we celebrated our boy’s birthday celebration there. What we like about Venicia Restaurant Jalan Ipoh is the ample parking spaces, fully air-condition restaurant and they also have a mezzanine floor for personal events or gatherings.

Please take note that mezzanine floor booking for events need to call in advance for booking. 50pax maximum capacity with private toilet provided. The access is with the spiral staircase so elderly people with movement disability need take note. Decorations are not inclusive of the Mezzanine floor booking.

We ordered

✔️ Kerabu Mango Fish

✔️ Jiang Nan Prawn

✔️ Salted Egg Cuttlefish

✔️ Claypot Vinegar Chicken

✔️ Prawn Paste Chicken

✔️ Claypot Lamb

✔️ Claypot Curry Mix Vegatables

✔️ Rojak Beancurd

The food we ordered are for 10 people and most dishes we ordered are medium size. We were lucky as we went early before the peak hour and hence we didn’t have to wait long for them to serve the food.

Venicia Restaurant kerabu fish

✔️ Kerabu Mango Fish

Fish deep fried to perfection, crispiness on the outside and then it is covered with the ‘Kerabu Mango’ and the sweet chili sauce.

This is a flavourful and savory dish and it is not spicy at all. We love the texture of the fish as well as the sweet and sourish taste of paste. The kerabu mango offers more aroma to the taste. The kids loved this and this goes well with rice.

✔️ Jiang Nan Prawn

Venicia Restaurant fresh water prawn

Jiang Nan Prawn is their signature dish and they uses the river prawns. There are three sizes of large river prawns and we took the medium size. For prices, please check with the restaurant as it is seasonal.

Venicia Restaurant prawn sizes
Three size of river prawns

The Jiang Nan Prawn is quite unique and to be honest this is our first time tasting it. The river prawns are cooked with ‘dong guai’ (female ginseng) powder, salt, sugar and margarine.

Venicia Restaurant prawn

The prawns are very fresh and we love the texture while crispy dong guai bits are sweet with hints of the Chinese herbs taste.

Venicia Restaurant big prawn

The size of the prawns are bigger than my hand even though it has shrink a bit from the original size. We are huge fan of river prawns so we don’t mind paying for this. For the pricing, it is similar of what we paid in Thailand.

Venicia Restaurant salted egg sotong
Venicia Restaurant salted egg sotong

✔️ Salted Egg Cuttlefish

This is their salted egg cuttlefish. Each and every piece of cuttlefish is coated with the salted egg sauce. The batter of the cuttlefish is crispy while the texture of the cuttlefish is perfect, not overcooked.

This is very enjoyable and addictive and the kids loved this.

Venicia Restaurant jalan ipoh claypot vinegar chicken
Venicia Restaurant claypot chicken vinegar

✔️ Claypot Vinegar Chicken

At first we thought this is ‘Three Cup Chicken’ but it is not. This is Claypot Vinegar Chicken and this is good. The taste offers hints of spiciness with the aroma of the vinegar but once you start, you won’t stop.

We also love the texture of the chicken and this complements well with the white rice.

Venicia Restaurant fried chicken wings

✔️ Prawn Paste Chicken Wing

The chicken is coated with prawn paste sauce and deep fried to perfection. The result is crispy chicken skin with hints of prawn paste flavour. Best with their homemade chili sauce.

Venicia Restaurant jalan ipoh claypot lamb
Venicia Restaurant claypot lamb

✔️ Claypot Lamb

This is another delicious claypot dish! The mutton comes with great texture, flavour with hints of spicy after taste and this goes really well with the white rice.

Venicia Restaurant claypot curry vege

✔️ Claypot Curry Mix Vegatables

Finally, we have some vegetable dishes. This savoury pot of claypot curry is full with generous amount of mix vegetables. It comes with long beans, brinjal, cabbage, lady’s finger as well as ‘taufu pok’. The flavour of the curry is strong but it is not very spicy and even my boy enjoyed this.

Venicia Restaurant tofu

✔️ Rojak Beancurd

Lastly, we ordered this Rojak Beancurd. The is crispy beancurd with generous amount of sliced cucumber and onion and topped with crunched nuts with sweet chili sauce. We love the blend of the flavour and texture of this and what a great way to end the feast.

Venicia Restaurant jalan ipoh places and foods

Overall, the food and the service at Venicia Restaurant Jalan Ipoh is good while the pricing is reasonable.

We highly recommend Jiang Nan Prawns (and please ask for the size and price), Kerabu Mango Fish, Claypot Chicken Vinegar and Claypot Lamb if you plan to visit Venicia Restaurant Jalan Ipoh. It is best to make reservation and you can call them at 03-6259 8788.

Venicia Restaurant Jalan Ipoh

Opening Hours:

11.30 am – 2.30 pm, 5.30 – 10 pm daily

(Closed on Tuesdays)

Address: 35, Jalan Seri Utara 1, Off, Jalan Ipoh, Sri Utara, 53100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

Phone: 03-6259 8788

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