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Gu Yue Tien 2014 Chinese New Year Set Review

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黄 酒 生 滚 虾
Poached Sea Prawn with Chinese Wine
gu yue tien 2014 poached prawns with chinese wine
黄 酒 生 滚 虾 Poached Sea Prawn with Chinese Wine

This is simply beautiful. The poached sea prawns come with a huge boiling pot. As it boils, the fresh prawns are cooked and infused with the Chinese wine soup. From the picture, you can tell that those are extra large prawns and they are fresh! The result is juicy tender prawns with Chinese wine. The best way to taste the natural taste of prawns is always steam. Cooking it with strong flavours sometimes will overwhelm the natural juiciness of the prawns.

滋 滋 腊 味 香 饭
Wok-Fried Rice with Assorted Wax Meat
gu yue tien 2014 fried rice with wax meat
滋 滋 腊 味 香 饭 Wok-Fried Rice with Assorted Wax Meat

Chinese New Year dinner is incomplete without fried rice with assorted wax meat. The fried rice is well cooked and there is no short of wax meat, Chinese sausages and andouillette. I love their Chinese sausages and andouilette, they are delicious and it went well with the rice. I can have a few bowls of this and this is the best fried rice with Assorted Wax Meat I tasted for a very long time. You can tell it from the quality of the ingredients especially the wax meat, Chinese sausages and andouilette.

西 柠 海 底 椰
Chilled Sea Coconut with Longan
The set comes with chilled sea coconut with longan, a very refreshing drink. However, I still prefer their pomelo sago dessert with ice cream. You can order that ala carte.

步 步 高 升
Pan-Fried “Nian Gao”
gu yue tien 2014 nian gao
步 步 高 升 Pan-Fried “Nian Gao”

Lastly, the pan-fried “nian gao” is the last dish and dessert of the evening. The texture is soft and topped with dried coconut flakes that create the crunchy texture.
The Chinese New Year menu set above is RM 888++ per table. It is worth every penny considering the quality and taste of the food.
Lastly, another gentle reminder that Gu Yue Tien is closing on 28th February 2014. If you have not tasted their food, you should try now and book early to avoid disappointments.
Gu Yu Tien Address and Contact:
B5-A, Chulan Square,
92 Jalan Chulan,
50200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2148 0808
Fax: 03-2145 1010
Email: [email protected]

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