May 25, 2024


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How to Protect Your Samsung Galaxy S4

What is the best protection for your smartphone? You spent a fortune on your smartphone and some even contracted with telco for years. It is time to protect your investment with the best casing in the market. The OtterBox Commuter Series, it is light, trendy and yet great in protection.
otterbox commuter s4 casing large
If you are a hard core smartphone user with history of drops and breaks, you can also consider the Defender series.

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I have a few smartphones and Samsung Galaxy S4 is one of them. I like my phone to be thin and yet protective so I choose The OtterBox Commuter Series. They are a trusted brand and the best of many other casings out there.
otterbox commuter s4 casing inside
The Commuter Series comes with two layers of protection. It has inner and outer layer, slim and convenient to use. Thus, it comes with its own screen protector so you don’t need to waste additional money for that.
otterbox commuter s4 casing 2 layers
I believe in durability and practicality and Otterbox Commuter Series is the best solution. Recently, I bumped to friend who broke her S4 and it cost her RM 600 to replace the screen. Accident happens so I prefer to buy a protection.
otterbox commuter s4 casing
A small investment to safe guard your pricey phone and make sure it is handy and still in good use for years is definitely worth it. If you are a trendy person, Otterbox Commuter Series comes with many colours to choose from.

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