February 4, 2023

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B.B.Q King Restaurant Haymarket Sydney

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B.B.Q King Restaurant Haymarket Sydney

What to do eat in Chinatown or Haymarket in Sydney? It is an obvious answer, Chinese food. Right across the Chinatown, there is a restaurant that needs no introduction, the B.B.Q (BBQ) King. A decade ago, I always walk past by this restaurant but I never have a chance to dine until recently.

Plenty of choices of restaurants are available in Haymarket. It’s like choosing a needle in a haystack. You just have to trust blogs and websites recommending the best or the better restaurants in Haymarket. That’s why you are reading our blog because you need an honest review.

I didn’t choose the best restaurant reviewed in Haymarket, I pick the better one. When the restaurant hangs the roast ducks in front of their restaurant, it is a statement. They just want to show they have the best roast ducks in town and why not if it is good?

When there are only me and my mom (just the two of us) so it is hard to order a feast so I have to be conservative in ordering my food. Portion in Sydney is always generous and it is true enough. Thus, the wonton noodle with char siew (BBQ meat) is good enough for two persons. The taste is different than the ones in Malaysia as they are similar to Hong Kong’s version. The egg noodle has really good texture and the every wonton comes with prawn and minced meat. The Char Siew though is huge but texture is not as soft as I desired. Overall, it is good.

The Peking duck pancake is a highlight in BBQ King so I have to try it. Their version is slightly different from the usual Peking duck pancake as it comes with the meat. The usual Peking duck pancake only comes with the crispy Peking duck skin. The pancake is a Chinese crepe and it wraps crispy duck skin with meat, spring onion and sweet sauce. This is addictive and it does not come cheap. It is A$7 per pancake! However, it is addictive.

Try ordering their roast pork as they do look awesome and the Peking Duck pancake will not disappoint you.


B.B.Q King Restaurant Address and Contact:

18 Goulburn St, Haymarket NSW 2000, Australia

+61 2 9267 2586

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