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Stir Fried Assam Laksa and Abacus Noodle at Hakka Marble

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Stir Fried Assam Laksa and Abacus Noodle at Hakka Marble

There is no need of introduction for assam laksa. A Penang dish and named as one of the best food in the world (by CNNgo a few years ago). The dish is often indulged in soft noodle and thick assam broth but there is a stir fried version in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

I heard about this stir fried assam laksa more than a year ago and there are friends who give thumbs up for this. There are many gimmicks to seek attentions so I hope this restaurant cooks the noodle to do the talking. There are two restaurants which are offering stir fried assam laksa, one is in PJ (Petaling Jaya) and one is in Cheras. I travelled to the latter.
hakka marble
The restaurant is called Restoran Hakka Marble and located at Jalan 34/154, Taman Bukit Anggerik Cheras. It is near the Anggerik “pasar malam” (night market).  It is non-air conditioned and you can see the crowd in this restaurant even so early in the evening (around 5 pm).
hakka stir fried assam laksa
The stir fried assam laksa comes in a beautifully presented plate. Everything you can find in the plate of assam laksa can be found in this version. The noodle is stir fried with the assam laksa broth and topped with chopped pineapples, cucumbers, onions and a large size prawn. Mix all of them together and you will be a good combination of taste and texture. Thus, the noodle is slightly spicy to my liking but never lack of the assam laksa broth taste. The vegetables give the noodle the refreshing and crunchy texture while hints of the lime juice enhanced the flavour. Now, that is an impressive plate of stir fried assam laksa.
hakka noodle pumpkin
If you are in a Hakka restaurant, there are two common food comes to my mind. It is the “lui cha” (rice with tea which I never fancies) and the abacus noodle. The abacus noodle is not easy to find KL due to the amount of work needed to make it. At Hakka Marble restaurant, their abacus noodles are made of either pumpkin or yam. I prefer to have the pumpkin version as in general pumpkin is softer and sweeter. The shape of the abacus noodle is similar to Italian gnocchi but the taste is different.

They stir fried with minced pork and mushrooms and it is a gorgeous looking plate of abacus noodle. The noodle is well season and you still can find hints of the pumpkin and the overall taste is quite good. Even after I take away the noodle and let my mother tried, she enjoys both the stir fried assam laksa and the abacus noodle.
hakka marble restoran noodles
This is indeed a hidden gem in KL. Stir fried assam laksa is not a myth or a fact of marketing ploy, it is really good. Book your table at Hakka Marble restaurant first before you go. Remember, evening in Cheras is madness with traffic. Good luck and enjoy!

Cheras is a town next to Kuala Lumpur and popular with its food. There are many stalls and restaurants in Cheras offer good and affordable food.


Restoran Hakka Marble Address and Contact:

Jalan 34/154

Taman Bukit Anggerik,


56000 Kuala Lumpur

Tel:  012-290 0538.

View Restoran Hakka Marble in a larger map

GPS : 3.057984,101.748144

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  1. I am Hakka-moi, my favorite dish is that abacus noodle but I never try pumpkin version before, shall bring my parents to try soon!

  2. Dish looks delicious! Too bad I can’t have it as I’m a Muslim and we are prohibited to eat pork.

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