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Hunting the Taronga Wild Rhinos

If you are planning to visit Sydney from February to April 2014, prepare yourself for one of the best wild rhino hunts in the world. Instead of guns and rifles, be equipped with smartphone or cameras and search around NSW (New South Wales) and hunt down 55 large Taronga wild rhinos and 10 baby Taronga wild rhinos. You can Facebook the wild rhinos, tweet about it, Instagram it or Pin-terest it!
opera house with harbour bridge

(Breathtaking view of Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House)

Meet Taronga Zoo, one of the prominent attractions in Sydney and with their breeding program and conservation projects on Black rhinos, they give birth to Taronga Wild! Rhinos event. It is a Wild in Art event that bring business, artists and schools together to create beautiful sculpture trail in parts of Sydney and Central West region of NSW.
tarango wild rhino red
The sculptures in the form of a huge herd of colourful rhinos painted by artists are scattered in hot spots as part of a mass public art exhibition to create awareness and most important of all, to raise funds for Taronga’s world leading Black Rhino breeding program and conservation projects.

Taronga Zoo hopes to raise as much as A$400,000 for their efforts to support their breeding and conservation programs for Black Rhinos.
taronga wild rhinos


(Nine wild rhinos at different places around Sydney!)

I found nine rhinos so far and there are plenty more out there. If you want to find all of them, you can have all the information and the trail map: www.tarongawildrhinos.org.au
taronga god wild rhino
Good luck in hunting all the Taronga Wild! Rhinos and remember spread the words or share the pictures for conservation efforts!

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