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Ten Simple Steps to Lose Weight

Overweight and obesity is a common thing in Malaysia. As one of the world’s top destination for food, Malaysian food is strong in flavour, high on sugar and often sinfully fattening. For decades, Malaysians eat nasi lemak (“fatty rice” if translated to English) as breakfast. Nasi Lemak comprises of rice cooked with coconut milk, fried peanuts, fried anchovies, boiled egg, sliced cucumber and local chili paste called “sambal”. Thus, that is one of many Malaysian food that is high in carbs and calories.



That’s me at 101kg, note the double chin.

Like many other Malaysians, I have weight issue. I am in the obesity bracket and it is quite impossible for me to go down to my ideal weight. I was at 101kg (the heaviest so far) and breaking the hundred barrier is not something to rejoice. My calculated ideal weight is around 70 kg and the time I had that weight is probably twenty years ago. When you are hitting hundred kg you are very demotivated to lose weight. I have tried many things but nothing seems to be successful due to lack of motivation. Until recently, I was invited to consult professional help at UOA Mediviron Clinic. There, I met up with Dr. Jasmine and she tailored a special diet program for me. It is called the HCG program and after following her advice, I list out ten simple steps to lose weight. Please bear in mind, the steps below are based on my own opinion and doesn’t reflect to any individual or any companies or any organisations.


1.  Drink less sugar

Gone are the days of “3 in 1” packet drinks, teh tarik, packet drinks, canned drinks and even 100% processed juice drinks. Same goes to isotonic drinks too. Let’s not argue how much sugar content in those drinks so I just avoid it. Sometimes you might feel a cup or two might not hurts but when you have it daily, it will take its toll in our body.

I am now drinking plain coffee without sugar and milk every day. It keeps me awake and also increases my metabolism rate too. However, if you do have caffeine issue please get a de-caff coffee. If you are not a coffee person, just avoid those sweet drinks or take green tea as well. Green tea is popular with its anti-oxidant capabilities and it is naturally refreshing!

2. Alcohol-less

I am not so much a drinker so cutting down on alcohol is easy on me. Even though I love single malt whiskey, wine and sake, I don’t go all out for it. Getting drunk and hangovers will not do any good to your body anyways. It is more than a month since I had a drink but will still drink a glass or two once in a blue moon.

3. Cut on carbs

The toughest of all is cutting on the carbs. White bread, rice and noodles are part of our dietary life and it won’t be easy getting rid of them in our daily meal intake.

You will be having all sorts of problems trying to get a meal without carbs as we get so complacent with rice to keep your tummy full. I try not to eat any carbs or go as low as possible. Carbs will turn to sugar in our system except you exercise to burn it.


4. Eat More Green

Vegetables are good for you. Try to have it in a salad without dressing or steam it or a simple stir fried. Don’t overcooked it or have it with too many flavours, you will spoil the vegetables.

This is tough for me as I’m not a vegetable lover. That’s one of the reasons why I am so heavy so having green as part of my meal is not easy. I have to force myself to eat now in every meal as I’m trying to make it a habit.

Fruits are essentials for meals too. Green apple is the best example of great ingredient of success to lose weight!

Keep it simple as the green is good for you.

5. Count the calories

Like it or not, you will discover a hidden world when you start to look at the calories of your food especially snacks!

Check with your physician and how much calories intake you can consume per day and then start to count your calories.

Chocolates are bad but dark chocolates are awesome. Same goes to certain food that has low calories and low carbs as well. There are little things that can scare you away with high calories and you need to keep on putting a tab on it.

Some might go on extremely low calories diet but do consult your physician for the best for you. Low calories diet might have cases of rebound.

I have been counting calories since day one of my diet and so far I consider myself did a great job even though I cheated numerous times.

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5 thoughts on “Ten Simple Steps to Lose Weight

  1. cutting the carbs and fat is really difficult in this country.
    most our foods consist of easy to digest carbs mainly and high oil foods. and especially when eating out.
    but yes. diet is key.

  2. I’m doing about the same for the past 3 weeks. Easy and rewarding physically and mentally. I workout 3-4 times a week and have high metabolism rate normally so I take a bit more carbs in my meals (as whole wheat as possible)

    1 blended juice (banana, blackcurrant, skimmed milk), eggs, bran cereal

    anything without too much fat (peel off chicken skin); about 70% full

    afternoon tea:
    blended juice (bittermelon, green pepper, green apple, lemon with skin; half each)

    no dinner or minimum meat or fruits after workout

    you’re right. 30 mins cardio can do. keep it up!!!

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