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Best Ice coffee at Ban Khiri Wong

Ban Khiri Wong is a popular area in Nakhon Si Thammarat for its handicraft products. You can find handicrafts such as ink dyed clothing and apparels, food products and souvenirs.
ban khiri wong scenery
As you enter the village, you will pass by the food stalls by river. At the first stall, you can find this coffee stall which is very popular among the locals.

ban khiri wong coffee stall front

You can see locals stop and buy ice coffee in minutes. Even though this is a small village but the customers are endless. There must be a good reason why locals love this coffee stall, the ice coffee must be really good.

ban khiri wong making coffee
Watch the video and see how she makes the ice coffee.

The process of ice coffee making is never been so interesting. There are brown sugar, two types of milk and chocolate powder used to make this ice coffee. After mixing all the key ingredients, everything is poured to a bag of ice and put into a paper bag with then plastic.
ban khiri wong best ice coffee
The taste is strong with the aroma of the coffee is strong and sweet too but it is really good. Thus, the best part is 20 Thai Baht per pack! As we were replenishing our thirst, there are bags of brown sugar, coffee and chocolate powder delivered to this stall.
ban khiri wong durian
On top of that, the lady boss treated us durian too. It must be our lucky day. The durian is finger licking good and the durian probably cost more than the coffee. Thus, it is a “tekah” durian which is strong in flavour that is unpopular among the locals as they prefer golden pillow durians which are bigger, sweeter in taste and least scent. Now, that was my first time buying ice coffee and get durian for free.
ban khiri wong coffee stall
The beauty of self-drive in Thailand is you get to taste local food such as this one. This is stall is very popular among the locals and when you self-drive, you have the luxury of time enjoying the scenery and food at leisure. Self-drive in Thailand is fun and very safe.

Best Ice coffee at Ban Khiri Wong GPS Coordinate:

GPS: 8.43344, 99.78209

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