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Kuala Lumpur Haze Pictures 13th March 2014

I have been away for more than 10 days for travelling. It is not my longest trip but it is long enough I guess as the moment when I was reached Kuala Lumpur from Thailand, the city is covered in haze… again. It is bad, check out the pictures I took.

kuala lumpur haze sungai buloh

Picture taken in Sg Buloh.

This year is Visit Year Malaysia 2014 or #VMY2014 and the same issue happens again. It has been happening since the longest time I could remember. Visibility is one thing and the health risk is another.
kuala lumpur haze march 2014


My child is just a few months old and this is not good for him and many other babies and children out there. I acknowledged that many of my friends are sick related with this haze. Most common sickness is cough and sore throat. Now, I just have to drink more water to keep myself hydrated.
kuala lumpur haze hartamas

Picture is taken near Sri Hartamas.

Buy a good mask to wear during outdoor and drink more liquid (preferably water). We are not sure when the haze are going away but we have to keep ourselves healthy for our life, work and family.

kuala lumpur haze istana negara

Picture is taken near Istana Negara.

kuala lumpur haze sg besi airport

Picture is taken at Sg Besi Airport.

kuala lumpur haze public bank

This picture is taken near Public Bank Kuala Lumpur and these are the actual haze pictures in certain parts of Kuala Lumpur as 13th March 2014.




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