May 20, 2024


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Google Map Pokemon Challenge: How to Play, Hints and Tips

While many brands try to crack their heads to offer the best prank for April Fools Day, Google Map did something that no one can ever dream off. The Google Map Pokemon Challenge.

Google Map will offer a position as Pokemon Master at the end of the day. To qualify, you need to catch all of the 150 Pokemon positioned around the world on Google Map Mobile and all the finalist will battle all out at GooglePlex. The Pokemon Challenge ends at 2nd April 2pm PDT.

Prank or not, everyone is now hunting the Pokemons on Google Map Mobile! Pokemon is a Japanese animation that is popular in the late 1990s and early 2000s. The Pokemon Trading Card Game and also Pokemon Games on Nintendo GameBoy was the biggest hit at that time. It was so big, ANA (All Nippon Airways) offer Pokemon flight experience with airplane complete with Pokemon characters and theme. The most popular Pokemon is Pikachu and there are hundreds of Pokemon to be captured to the Pokedex. Thus, Pokedex is a device to store the database of the Pokemon you catch.

How to Play Pokemon Challenge on Google Map?

    1. Install Google Map on your mobile phone via App Store.
    2. Update to the latest version of Google Map.
    3. Open the map and browse for Pokemon.

4. Click on the Pokemon and you have option to catch them on the screen (bottom right).

5. You captured the Pokemon and it will be updated on your Pokedex.

6. There are 150 Pokemon to be captured.


Google Map Pokemon Challenge and Tips

  1. Search for #pokemonchallenge on Twitter and Facebook to identify all the latest Pokemon caught. Most of them include pictures of the Pokemon and location, list it down to narrow down the hunt.
  2. Gather a group of friends and each of them search at a specific area.



Google pulls the greatest prank on April Fools Day but turn possibility millions of new users to useGoogle Map. Using social media such as Facebook and Twitter, each and every single player needs to install Google Map on their mobile and update them to play the Pokemon Challenge. Google Map will increase their users by great numbers in two days and will become one of the top travel apps! Not only you can capture Pokemon but you will also discover many places in Google Map around the world! I might not able to capture all of them but good luck and enjoy!



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