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Malaysia’s Largest Clothes Buffet coming to town 

You mentioned buffet, it is usually associated with food but how about clothes buffet? Clothes buffet means grab as many clothes as you can like a food buffet but within a time limit. Well, it might not popular in Malaysia but there will be one clothes buffet you might not want to miss!

Indulge in a unique shopping experience at Malaysia’s Largest Clothes Buffet happening from 10am – 6 pm on 25-27th April 2014 at Syopz Mall, Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus. Organized by LINs Communication and A Shopaholics Den, this event aims to bring shopping to a whole new level for young fashionistas without breaking the bank.

Shoppers will have access to a whopping 50,000 pieces of fashionable pieces in the buffet area which they can enter with a fee of RM 60. Each will receive a ziplock bag and be allowed to grab as many pieces as they can in 15 minutes. As long as they can fit the clothes into the ziplock bag and zip it, it is theirs to bring home.

‘If you can zip it, you can keep it.’

On each of the three days, a Blowout Sale will be held from 4-6pm where each piece of clothing will be on sale for RM 10 only. A variety of stalls will also be participating in the adjacent fashion bazaar. Previous clothes buffets garnered a number of crowds so shoppers are advised to purchase their tickets in advance from www.malaysiaclothesbuffet.com. Inquiries may be directed to our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/malaysiaclothesbuffet.

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