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IN THE DARK 怨鬼 2014 Review

There is one Malaysian produced movie you can look forward in cinema now and it is called IN THE DARK 怨鬼. Written and directed by Malaysian Yeo Joon Han, this is his second movie after his first movie “Sell Out”. I know him personally some time ago when he quit his job as a lawyer to pursue his dream as a film director.

So how is IN THE DARK 怨鬼 2014, Joon Han’s first horror film? To be frank, the story is relatively good and it is fresh. It is not another copycat from other movies which many movies are doing now.

The story revolves on a Taiwanese guy , Joseph (Wang Poh Chieh) who resides in Kuala Lumpur. Hence, he met his girlfriend May (Jennifer Foh) , a local music school teacher and her best friend / colleague Vivien (Candy Lee).

Well, it was love in first sight and Joseph and May is on the typical love spell. Like in the movie “Run Lola Run”, May asked Joseph, “Will you find someone if I dies?” and May promised to come back to Joseph if she passed on. Thus, she did due to a car accident.

Joseph unable to cope with her loss starts to encounter weird visions and incidents after May’s death. To make complicate matters, May was killed with an unidentified male in the car.

Joseph then seeks help from Viven and tried many ways to communicate with May but things get complicated when “other spirits” starting to haunt them instead of May.

You got to watch the movie to find out more on the story.

I find Vivien very attractive in the movie and there are many scare scenes in the movie. The sound effect team in the movie might be the same team producing many horror Thai flicks. This is a good horror movie from Malaysia and it is worth your money to watch. It might not be a perfect horror flick but it is one of the best local produced horror flicks with a sensible story line.

Support Malaysian film.

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